Which ED Drug Works Best?: Everything You Need To Know

Erectile Dysfunction, often termed as ED, is a medical condition where the man fails to get thorough erection even during arousal. ED issues can arise at any age and any stage of a man’s life. There could be many different underlying causes that result in ED issues in men. Sometimes, the ED issues that arise are temporary. In such cases, you may not require to take ED medicines to deal with the issue. There are however rare cases where the PDE5 hormone behaves abnormally. ED medicines are the only way to deal with such situations. You need to be informed about the different ED medicines available in the market. It will help you decide the best ED medicine to correct your condition.

The Most Common ED Drugs

Erectile dysfunction is not a condition that can be cured. However, ED medicines work as PDE5 inhibitors. They inhibit the action of the PDE5 hormone for a couple of hours. This ensures that the man is able to enjoy a pleasant time on bed during these hours. After the stipulated time, the person’s body will come back to its normal state of impotency. Here we have listed out a couple of ED medicines:

Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil Citrate 100mg is the main constituent in Generic and branded Viagra. The medicine shows its effect as soon as it mingles with the blood stream. This could take around half an hour.  The effect of the medicine remains for 4-5 hours. It does not have many drug interactions and is suitable for most men. Other strengths in which the medicine maybe available are 50mg, 200mg and so on.


Tadalafil 10mg is the main constituent in Cialis or Generic Cialis medicine. The medicine shows its effect for a long span that may last upto 36 hours. The doctors may suggest you to have this medicine about one hour prior to lovemaking. The medicine is also available in 2.5mg, 5mg and 20mg strengths of Tadalafil.


Vardenafil 10mg is yet another medicine prescribed to deal with ED issues. The medicine should be consumed by the ED patient about an hour prior to the love act. The medicine works to relax the muscles of the blood vessels so that blood can be pumped easily. This ensures a thorough erection. The medicine is also available in 5mg and 20mg strengths of Vardenafil.

The Most Common Forms in Which ED Medicines are Available

Choosing the right ED medicine can be quite challenging. Apart from the different types of ED medicines, there are also different forms. We have already described the types above. Here we have listed out the different forms in which ED medicines are available:


Most ED medicines are available tablet form. This form of ED medicine takes sometime to dissolve into the blood stream. This is the reason why doctors suggest you to have a light meal prior to using these medicines.

Oral Jelly

Understanding the need for sooner effect of the medicine, companies have introduced oral jelly form of certain ED medicines. These tend to dissolve into the body much sooner. This implies that you can enjoy lovemaking when you are still in the mood.

Soft Gel Capsule

Just like the oral jelly form, soft gel capsules also get digested quickly. This form is usually prescribed by doctors because of the quick effect.

You will have to select the ED medicine based on the type that suits you best.

How to choose the best ED Medicine?

There are other things also to consider while selecting the best ED medicine for your health. Apart from the type and form of the medicine, here are some other factors to consider:

Your health conditions: It is important to evaluate your present health conditions before you start off on any ED medicine. People who suffer from hypertension, kidney health problems, liver health problems or a history of heart health issues should not use this medicine. Some people are allergic to constituents in ED medicines. If you have any such allergies, it is best to avoid the use of ED medicines.

Drug interactions: If you are already on some medicines to deal with certain health conditions, you need to check the drug interactions. You need to make sure that the ED medicine does not interfere with your regular medicine or vice versa. You can consume the medicine only if it is safe for you.

Price: Another important factor that can help you decide whether or not to use ED medicines is surely affordability. You can save some bucks on the price of ED medicines by purchasing the generic versions. There are stores that also offer discounts when you purchase medicines in bulk. Look for stores that offer free shipping of medicines to your area.

Side Effects: It is very important to know the side effects of the ED medicines you use. You must use the medicine only if the side effects are not too severe and the benefits offered by the medicine are more.

Here are some of the common side effects that may arise due to any ED medicine:

  • Nausea, vomiting and indigestion are experienced by first-time users of ED medicines.
  • Individuals have also complained of dizziness, headache and confusion after using the medicine.
  • Some men have experienced colour blindness and vision related health problems.
  • Some people have also encountered temporary deafness as a result of this medicine.
  • Skin related side effects like facial flushing and rashes also occur due to certain ED medicines.
  • In rare cases, there have been side effects that affect the kidney, liver, heart and important body organs.

Should you consult a doctor for getting ED Medication?

It is always better to have a doctor’s opinion before starting off on ED medicines. A doctor can always provide you with safest health advice. You also have someone to consult when serious side effects arise if you are already consulting the doctor.

Consult a doctor and find out which of the above ED drugs will be best for you. Make sure you inform your doctor every fact about your health. This way you will be able to  find the ideal ED medication to revive your love life.