Best Vitamins For ED That You Must Include In Your Diet

vitamins for ed

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best vitamins for ED and why you should include them in your daily diet.


Are you suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? Do you think your partner is beginning to get tired of your inability to perform well in bed? Can’t afford to buy more medicines due to an already diverse medicinal palette? Looking for a more natural solution for your ED issues?

Do not worry. Vitamins are known to help men with resistance to their ED issues. Natural minerals and vitamins are responsible for boosting the immune system and normalizing otherwise abnormal hormonal levels within the body. 

Clogged arteries, damaged nerves, premature ejaculation, lower libido, weak erections, etc. – all these problems can be solved naturally with minimal consumption of medicines. The only catch here is patience. One has to be patient and trust in the treatment as vitamins will only help in ED issues if they are consumed consistently. 

Do you know how ED medication contributes to stronger and long-lasting erections almost instantly? This is because the ingredients are man-made and function only as long as the composition of the medicine is active within your body. This depends on the half-life of the medicine. As soon as the medicine is absorbed by the system, you will once again begin to experience ED. This is why men who opt for ED medication need to consume medicines right before sexual activity.

How do Vitamins help combat ED?

On the other hand, natural vitamins work in a different way. They do not impart instant effects like medication does. Vitamins are stored by the body and build-up to help in greater immunity. The more you fuel your body with healthy vitamins, the lesser your health problems will be. 

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B9, Zinc, etc. are a few vitamins that will undoubtedly help in improving your ED condition. But this will happen only if you adopt a diet that is rich in these vitamins. Even capsules that consist of solely these vitamins can help. Remember, one cannot stress less on the fact that consistency is key when you are going down the route of consuming vitamins for your ED problems.

Best Vitamins For ED

We have curated a list of some vitamins that can help you make your ED issue less severe, in turn contributing to more satisfactory sex life.

1. Vitamin B3

Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3, is attributed to enhancing and improving blood circulation throughout the body. When an individual faces a shortage of Vitamin B3 levels, then blood circulation is not as effective as it is supposed to be. This can possibly crave the penile region of required blood flow and make it difficult for the penis to develop an erection. Usually, Vitamin B3 is advised to heart patients. 

Consider including redfish (salmon and tuna), turkey, avocado, unsalted peanuts, etc. in your meals. These food items will contribute to an increase in Niacin levels.

2. Vitamin D

This vitamin is primarily responsible for ensuring that the blood vessels within your arteries are in good condition. Are you wondering how does Vitamin D helps with ED? You already know that ED is caused when arteries to the pelvic and penile region are clogged. But what is clogging these arteries? It is the damaged and dead blood cells that collect together and form clusters of plaque. This plaque obstructs the path for blood to flow within the arteries, eventually causing problems to the penis. 

Blood pressure increases and even more blood vessels get damaged. Other organs in the body can also face the repercussions of this abnormal blood pressure. When you consume Vitamin D, you are providing your body with the essential nutrient to ensure your blood vessels remain healthy and fewer causalities occur. 

You can fuel your diet with mushrooms, egg yolk, dairy products, fatty fish, fortified edibles, beef liver, etc. These food items will make sure that the health of your blood vessels is in good condition, ultimately also reducing improving your ED condition.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, is tasked with maintaining the strength of your immune system. When your immune system is strong, then the chance of clogging to occur in the arteries substantially reduces. This means there will be lesser spikes in your blood pressure and thus your organs can function at their normal pace without any absurd changes.

The human body consists of biochemical pathways that are used to store and transfer the release of nitric oxide. Combining this with the fact that nitric oxide promotes relaxation of blood vessels makes it a highly effective vitamin to curtail your erection problems. You may be wondering how does the relaxation of blood vessels helps in ED? Relaxed blood vessels mean blood can flow easily within the bloodstream and the penile structure can enjoy the much-needed uninterrupted flow of blood.

Food items that are rich in Vitamin C would be tomatoes, broccoli, red/green/yellow bell peppers, kale, cauliflowers, etc. Be warned that consuming a diet that is super-rich in vitamin C too often can lead to mild side effects causing diarrhea and headaches.

4. Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is commonly referred to as Folic Acid. This vitamin is closely associated with homocysteine levels within the body. If your body begins to exhibit high levels of homocysteine then this is an indication of low levels of folic acid. The drawback of this directly boils down to the development of an ED situation. 

The more folic acid your body has, the greater nitric oxide production is, and the longer period your blood vessels will be dilated for. Do not worry about over-dilation of blood vessels as Vitamin B9, being a naturally occurring element in the body will restrict occurrences of such incidents.

When you make dietary changes in accordance with Vitamin B9 then you must include food items such as cereals, cabbage, French beans, spinach, spring onion, cucumber, grains, brown rice, as they are all greater sources of this vitamin. 

5. Zinc

Zinc and testosterone levels are directly related. Low amounts of zinc indicate low levels of testosterone. Testosterone levels help describe the libido levels in an individual. If you are experiencing a loss in sexual desire, weaker erections, decreased sensitivity to sexual activity, then your body is probably in need of more Zinc. 

If you want to revive your life in the bedroom with your partner then you must eat more chicken, mutton, beef, whole grains, seeds, nuts, etc. These food items lead to an increase in Zinc levels.

Best Vitamins For ED: Conclusion 

Do you wish to keep a distance from the medication? If yes, then vitamins can be a great idea. Rather than consuming expensive medication from a pharmacy or opting for purchasing ED medication from online sources, you can add vitamins to your diet and work towards reducing the intensity of your ED problems.