Common Signs You Need To Switch Your Birth Control

Signs You Should Switch Birth Control

Signs To Switch Birth Control

In this article, we’ll discuss what are the signs to Switch Birth Control.

Unwanted pregnancy can be a great burden. It is important that you take the right measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy. There are several birth control measures available today. You have an option to choose between these. So, how do you know which method will best suit you.

Most people choose a birth control method based on convenience and finances. However, there are other things one must consider such as health.

Here we have listed out signs that may indicate that you must switch your birth control method:

Hormonal Fluctuations

Many of the common birth control pills directly impact the hormone levels in the body. While minor fluctuations are natural, you need to be alert if the fluctuations are major. It could lead to a vast range of health issues.

Hormonal fluctuations are known to increase anxiety levels in women. If you think that the birth control pills you are having affect your hormone levels drastically, consult a doctor instantly. He may suggest some other better birth control measure that suits your health and wellbeing.

Mood Swings and Headaches

Many women have mood swings and headaches as a premenstrual symptom. However, some hormone birth control pills also cause such symptoms. These may occur randomly. These could hinder your performance at work.

It may prevent you from doing your best. If you observe that your birth control pills are drastically affecting your moods and your health, visit a doctor. Consult him for a better birth control alternative.


Another factor that may contribute to deciding whether you should switch your birth control pills is pregnancy. For instance, women who use birth control pills to prevent pregnancy and yet get pregnant should consider a switch. It is a clear indicator that the selected birth control method is not working out for her.

If you are a woman who is considering getting pregnant in the near future, you must switch from birth control pills to condoms or other birth control methods. This will ensure better chances of pregnancy. It will also ensure better health for mother and child.

Side Effects

Another reason why you may consider changing your birth control pills is when you see adverse effects of the pills. Many of the birth control pills show side effects that are not desirable.

Here we have listed out a couple of side effects that you may experience due to the birth control pills you are using:

  • Weight Gain: Many women tend to gain excess bodyweight as a result of side effect of birth control pills.
  • Sore Breasts: Some women complain of sore breasts when they are using certain birth control pills.
  • Spotting Between Periods: Women also complain of spotting between periods as a side effect of birth control pills.

Rarely, there are serious side effects that may arise due to birth control pills.

Here we have listed these too:

  • Severe Headaches: Some women experience extremely severe headaches as a result of birth control pills.
  • Blurred vision: Women have complained of vision related health problems such as blurred vision as a result of birth control pill side effect.
  • Abdominal Pain: A pain in the stomach has been experienced by some women as a side effect of certain birth control pills.
  • Chest Pain: Women have complained of chest pain of great severity as a result of birth control pills.

All these symptoms are serious. They indicate serious health issues that may arise due to reaction with the birth control pills. If you encounter any of these rare symptoms, instantly inform your doctor regarding the same. He may alter the birth control method to suit your health needs.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A person with an active sex life should consider using of condoms as well as a measure for protection. It has been observed that condoms can protect against a range of sexually transmitted diseases. They can reduce the chances of these diseases being transmitted from one partner to another.

What factors to consider while selecting a birth control methods

There are several factors you need to take into account while selecting a birth control measure.

Here we have stated some of the prominent factors:

Age: The choice of birth control measure greatly depends on age. When you grow older, you tend to have lower endurance to certain medicines. You need to be selective to avoid adverse effects. 

Sex: The birth control measures available for each gender is different. You need to pick the right birth control measure based on your gender needs.

Cost: While most of us hesitate to talk on this front, cost is also an important parameter to be considered while selecting the birth control method. You need to pick a cost-effective method of birth control that does not dig a hole in your pocket.

Health: If you are already on some medicines, you need to pick birth control medicines that do not show any drug interactions. You must also choose medicines that do not hamper your health.

Stage of Life: Men and women who already have children may consider sterilization or vasectomy as an effective birth control method. Women may also consider use of IUDs if they are not planning for children anytime soon.

It is evident that a number of factors go into selecting the right birth control method. While there are many options available, you will have to invest time and effort to pick the best available option. It is now possible to purchase birth control pills online.

Here are some factors to consider while making the online purchase of these medicines:

  • Look for online medicine retailers who are licensed and authorized to sell medicines online.
  • Look for online retailers who have a free shipping policy to your locality.
  • Always check the expiry date of the medicines before placing an order for the same.
  • You may also take time to read the terms and conditions as well as return and refund policy on the site.
  • Look for cash on delivery and card on delivery options for payment.