Pros And Cons of Nootropics: All Things You Need To Know

pros and cons of nootropics

Nootropics can be a blessing for some individuals. People who need more to make more intense use of their body and mind, are the ones the benefit the most from these supplements. However, due to the downsides of nootropics, there is not much clarity in whether they should be consumed or not yet. We are sure you have questions too. Read on to know more about these performance-enhancing supplements.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are a class of drugs that are usually labeled as mind and body enhancing Nootropics Medicines. Several foods and consumable herbs that flourish in nature also have nootropics properties. As nootropics improve cognition in healthy users, they are also called smart drugs. 

There are two kinds of nootropics:

Prescription Nootropics

They are advised by a doctor. They fight various health conditions, while mainly being known for stimulant effects. Even better, they quickly reduce symptoms of mental and physical fatigue, in turn, enhancing their capabilities. 

But they can have many side effects. Thus, it is not fit to consume them without a proper medical prescription. Examples are Ritalin, Axura, Namenda, etc. 

Non-Prescription Nootropics

Non-prescription nootropics comprise of natural ingredients and are more widely used due to their easy availability.

Side effects are not common. Thus, one does not require a doctor’s approval to take them. Examples are Caffeine, Creatine, Rhodiola, etc.

How Do Nootropics Work?

Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, influence existing neurotransmitters and form stronger neural connections. They speed up the secretion of hormones, transfer of chemicals, and formation of neural connections/signals in the brain. In other words, they alter the rate at which the brain performs day-to-day tasks. Moreover, such smart drugs are assured to improve memory, focus, and cognition. Although sadly very few of them can scientifically back this up.

Should I Take Nootropics?

While it may not be proven scientifically, results still show. The pros and cons of nootropics have been observed and recorded for a long time. To assist our readers, we have made an informative list regarding the pros and cons of nootropics:


1. Nootropics improve brain function

A variety of nootropics are available in the market and each of them positively impacts the brain in varied ways. Following are some of the benefits of nootropics:

  • Improvement in overall cognition
  • Helps one build concentration 
  • Consumer gets energised and motivated
  • Memory retention is enhanced
  • Attention span and focus increases
  • Neuroprotection

Nootropics increase neural activity in the brain and this contributes to an increase in cognitive abilities. Your brain literally works 5x faster than it normally would.

2. Nootropics have variety

Nootropics are of different kinds. You can choose one according to your requirements. Do you want to focus while staying up late at night? Do you want to finish maximum studies or work in a short time? Do you want to connect dots in your memory while working on complex material? There are nootropics that allow each of these abilities, individually and collectively.

3. Nootropics are generally safe to use

Nootropics are often made of natural substances already present in the body. Thus, they do not push the brain beyond its natural capacity and always maintain a degree of recognition between the brain and supplement.

They are safe and well-tolerated if used in moderation. Although most ingredients do not cause discomfort. You must yet consult a doctor before taking nootropics.

4. Nootropics bridge the gap between what the body needs and what the diet can provide

There are tons of compounds within the body. Some naturally exist, whereas others are taken from the diet. Although an individual can only eat a certain of food and can only include a certain amount of minerals and vitamins in their diet. It takes years for the good components to start showing effects.

Nootropics will bridge this gap by providing instant effects. You may have to wait for a week at the most. Think about it, you either cater to a strict eating regime and abide by it for a prolonged duration, or you consume nootropics for a short duration and make the most of its benefits while you need them. 

5. Nootropics are legal

The consumption and purchase of nootropics are legal. Neither are its ingredients banned. Students and hard-working adults are known to reap the benefits of these supplements often

Nothing beats the fact that adults of all age groups can use them.


1. One might get addicted to nootropics

No drug is free of the possibility of addiction and nootropics are no exception.

Abuse of a nootropics can lead to addiction and even worse, dependency to actually work hard. Consumption in large amounts also leads to toxicity. Instructions for dosage are given by the manufacturer and they have to be vigilantly followed. 

People often struggle with self-control and in the long run, they also start experiencing withdrawal effects.

2. Nootropics are an extra expenditure

Nootropics are not cheap. Instead, due to the prescription schedules and prolonged usage, they could be heavy on the pocket. Some nootropics provide instant results, whereas some need to be continually consumed for a few months at a time to notice the effects.

Careful analysis should be done by an individual before use. If one gets addicted to the drug, problems can increase manifold.

3. Nootropics interfere with other medication

Drug interactions are extremely common and such issues with nootropics can have very powerful effects. These include altering brain chemical levels, neurotransmitter activity, and disrupting the functionality of the Central Nervous System (CNS).

They can hinder or augment the effects of pre-existing medication.

Thus, a doctor should be consulted before resorting to nootropics Changes in diet, supplements, medicine, or exercise routines should be discussed.

4. Bad Stacking can cause issues

Nootropics are often mixed for more powerful results (stacking). However, this can result in possibly unfavorable responses in the body.

There can be intensified or unusual side effects. Hence, the use of nootropics is very risky.

One should be somewhat familiar with their nootropics stack. Experimenting with self-made stacking supplements is a big NO-NO. 

5. Nootropics can have side effects

The use of nootropics can lead to a variety of side effects in different users. Some of these are: 


Taking nootropics too close to bedtime can induce insomnia. As your brain is experiencing heightened activity, falling asleep could be hard. If you plan to stay awake all night and work then this shouldn’t worry you.


Some nootropics can cause severe headaches, once the supplement wears off. This is because the brain works harder and needs more acetylcholine. This causes overexcited synapses. As a result, one can experience migraines.

Gastrointestinal Problems:

Nootropics use can lead to nausea and abdominal pain. It can also cause vomiting and diarrhea in some cases. A consumer who is sensitive to stimulants can often experience these side effects.


As you can see, nootropics are not a perfect solution. However, there is never any gain without pain. What you have to do now is decide. Is the gain worth the pain? Or are you better off without nootropics?

There is no common answer to this. What you should do is deliberate over these pros and cons. You could even consult a doctor before you decide.

In any case, nootropics are here to stay. That option will always be available for you.