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What is Plan B One-Step?

Plan B is a hormonal medication meant to prevent conception. The drug is made up of primarily hormone Levonorgestrel (Progestin), which works in the following ways:

  • Preventing the process of ovulation during a woman’s menstrual cycle
  • Thicken the vaginal fluids, which makes it difficult for the sperm to swim towards the egg to fertilize it
  • Changes the lining of the uterus to prevent the fertilized egg from attaching itself to the walls of the uterus

Plan B One-Step: Dosages and administrations

Plan B One-Step tablets are recommended when other birth control measures fail or in case of unprotected sex. Nevertheless, this medication is prescribed by the doctor upon assessing your current body condition.

In the case of unprotected sex, it is advisable to take the pills within the first 72 hours. Within this time frame, the medication will be more effective in preventing conception. However, doctors advise that the drug can still prevent pregnancy up to 5 days or more since the day unprotected sex.

However, If vomiting occurs within 2 hours of taking Plan B tablets, consult your doctor.
Women who are already pregnant must stay away from this birth control pills. The pills do not terminate pregnancies but rather can initiate a series of adverse effects on the developing fetus.

Suggestions to Use Plan B One-Step

It is essential to follow the doctor's directions while taking these pills. Precisely, adhere to time.

Women under the age of 18 years should not take this drug on their advice; they must seek the help of a doctor.

Plan B One-Step: Drug interactions

Plan B interacts with some drugs, some of which are listed below. In case you are taking any medications, it is essential to tell your doctor. This way, your doctor will decide on the combinations of drugs, dosages and procedures.

  • Barbiturates
  • Bosentan
  • Carbamazepine
  • Felbamate
  • Griseofulvin
  • Oxcarbazepine
  • Phenytoin
  • Rifampin
  • St. John’s wort
  • Topiramate
  • Efavirenz
  • Seizure medication

These are only some of the medicines that are documented. In case you experience some reactions with other medicines, do not hesitate to tell your doctor.

Plan B One-Step: Side Effects

  • Stomach pain
  • Breast pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Changes in menstrual period

This list is not all the possible side effects. You may experience other side effects. In such a case, talk to your doctor to find a solution or helpful suggestion.

Plan B One-Step: Contraindications

The use of Plan B is contraindicated in women having a pregnancy or those suspected to be pregnant.

Plan B One-Step: Warnings and precautions

Existing pregnancy

Plan B usage is not meant to terminate a pregnancy. Therefore, it will not show any effect on ending it.

Ectopic pregnancy

Clinical studies reveal that 10 percent of ectopic pregnancies occur in people who routinely use the progestin-only contraceptives. Clinical data indicate that an approximate 2 percent of all reported pregnancies are ectopic.

However, according to studies, ectopic pregnancies are not a contraindication when using Plan B as an emergency contraceptive method. Remember that an ectopic pregnancy is painful. Plan B dies not to lower abdominal pain resulting from an ectopic pregnancy.

Women consuming Plan B are advised to go for a health check-up; to get a thorough examination for confirmation of the general health status or pregnancy.


Plan B does not prevent you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. Also, the drug doesn’t eradicate them.

Fertility Following Discontinuation:

You are likely to conceive after you stop taking Plan B contraceptive pills, and you have not alternative birth control measures. Always seek advice from your doctor on the best birth control measures to prevent occurrences of unintended pregnancy.

Effects of Plan B One-Step on menses

The most common result of taking Plan B pills is that you may experience spotting after a few days. However, women using progestin-only oral contraceptives and Levonorgestrel are most likely to have irregular menstrual flow patterns.

A chance of pregnancy occurring while using Plan B is high when there is unexpected menses after a week as compared to expected or past menses.

Plan B One-Step: Negative Reactions

Clinical trial experience

Each person responds differently to the Plan B pills. Thus the rates of adverse reactions vary greatly, and they are not comparable. Again, during the process of conducting clinical trials, reaction rates may vary due to varying conditions.

Post marketing experience

A study carried out generically proved adverse side-effects in some women who used Plan B. However, scientific research has not confirmed all the possible reactions that might occur when a woman consumes Plan B. Thus, consuming Plan B could have more effects. There is a need for research to be done to ascertain the details of the pills.

Below are some of the notable adverse reactions women reported with Plan B usage post-approval:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain
  • Reproductive system and breast disorders
  • Pelvic pain
  • Oligomenorrhea
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Headache, and dizziness
  • General disorders
  • Fatigue

Does Plan B One-Step Affect Fertility?

Taking Plan B contraception pills does not affect the productivity or fertility of a woman. Progestins or Levonorgestrel has proved beyond a reasonable doubt to have no effect on the general fertility of a woman. However, specific side effects may occur while using this contraception pills.

Does Plan B One-Step Increases The Chances of Cancer?

The risk of getting or increasing the severity of the cancer is not associated with the use of progestin contraceptives or any other drug. Tumorigenicity remains constant even with the use of Levonorgestrel in various species of animals except for humans.

This birth control measure was applied to:

  • Rhesus monkeys for ten years at approximately 250 μg/kg/day
  • Dogs for seven years at about 0.125 mg/kg/day
  • Rats for two years at around 5 μg/day

All the results from the test above did not show the spread or growth of new tumors.

Another seven-year study showed that there was an increase in the mammary adenomas in dogs treated with Levonorgestrel 0.5 mg/kg/day as compared to the controls.

How Does Plan B One-Step Affect Women in Different Situations?


Long term oral consumption of progestins showed no impact on the health of the woman. However, there was a notable developmental effect on the developing fetus. Similarly, these birth control pills have no effect on the growth and development of infants even when swallowed.

Nursing mothers

Breastfeeding mothers have not reported any side effects on their babies. The progestin-only pills do not have any impact on the health and growth of the baby. The only notable side effects are a few reported cases of decreased milk production by women using these pills. Mothers who have recently delivered may find using progestin-only tablets to be disadvantageous as this drug passes into the breast milk in minute quantities. The combination of breast milk and progestin might show elevated levels of steroids in babies.

Pediatric use

The use of Progestin-only pills is safe and effective because it has been tested and proven to offer positive results for women who are of reproductive age. However, no data exist about the use of Plan B emergency contraception before menarche.

Geriatric use

Plan B by no means is intended for intake during postmenopausal.


Numerous clinical trials have been done concerning Plan B. However, one clinical study concerning Plan B and Yuzpe regimen as emergency contraceptive medications showed that Chinese women have a higher rate of pregnancy. Nevertheless, there is no data explaining this increased pregnancy rate in Chinese women. Similarly, there are no formal reports to showcase the effect of Plan B on race.

Plan B One-Step: FAQs

Are there any side effects of Plan B consumption?

The most notable changes are noted in the menstrual cycle. Periods may occur earlier or later than expected. Similarly, a woman may experience light or heavy bleeding when under Plan B treatment.

In some instances there are chances of:

  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Breast tenderness
  • Tiredness

In rare cases, a woman might vomit after consuming Plan B consumption; this usually occurs within 2 hours of use.
You should assume any form of side effects arising from the consumption of Plan B contraceptive. Consult your doctor immediately for advice and suggestions.

Will I vomit when I take Plan B tablet?

Nausea and vomiting are common in some women. This happens within 2 hours of consumption. If it happens, it will lower the chances of the drug preventing pregnancy. You must see your doctor because you might require an anti emetic drug to stop vomiting.

What if I Overdose on Plan B?

No adverse side effects have been reported with the consumption of Plan B. However, some women may experience withdrawal bleeding and bleed.

Where can I store Plan B?

Store your Plan B tablets away from moisture, sunlight, and heat. It should be preferable at room temperature. The container must remain tightly closed with the cap provided. Place the container where your pets or children will not have access to the pills. Most importantly, follow the storage guidelines supplied in the prescription leaflet. If the information is not clear, consult your pharmacist.

Is Plan B safe to buy online?

Yes, ReliableMedRx(RMR) is a secure and discreet online drug store where you can purchase Plan B. Apart from Plan B, the drug store sells other kinds of Generic drugs that are clinically proven. Also, the drug store ensures easy availability, affordability, authenticity, complete safety and privacy, and speedy delivery.


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