11 Natural Ways to Improve Memory without Medications

Sometimes you may find it difficult to remember simple events. In severe cases, you may even forget recent events or encounter short-term memory loss. While forgetfulness is not harmful, because brain signals often get interrupted due to several reasons, which are normal. But, frequent memory loss or signs of consistent forgetfulness can point out to psychological disorders. These could be related to your age, stress, anxiety, diet and lifestyle you follow, or certain health problems.

There are several ways through which you can boost your cognitive and memory power. But, in the post below, we speak about natural ways to improve memory, without help of any chemicals or medications.

1. Practice Mindfulness

A mental state where you are aware of your feelings and surroundings, focusing on the present situation while meditating is called mindfulness. Mindfulness is an excellent natural therapy to enhance memory. It is however different than meditation. While the latter is a more formal technique, the former is a mental habit which you can use in any circumstance. Mindfulness is effective in enhancing memory and concentration power by lowering stress.

Mindfulness training can power up your recognition-memory. The training helps you concentrate on your breathing. You also reset your attention and become aware of your immediate surroundings. Here, you can recall situations and objects well. This also contributes to overall psychological well being.

2. Moderate Consumption of Added Sugar

Several medical researches prove a significant link between consumption of too much added sugar with health issues. These health issues are chronic and even affect the cognitive ability. Sugar-rich diet can cause reduced brain volume and memory loss in the later stage of life. It particular affects the short-term memory section of the brain. A high intake of sugary beverages such as cold-drink and soda lead to poorer memories and lower brain volumes. Reducing intake of added sugars can boost overall health and memory.

3. Reduce Intake of Alcohol

Regular and over consumption of alcohol has negative effects on memory. Alcohol is known to have neuro-toxic impact on brain such as reduced memory performance. This is why you must never binge on alcohol as it hampers the hippocampus. This is the brain area that associates with memory. Now it must be clear with you why after a hangover you often do not remember the events before you consumed excessive alcohol.

Drinking alcohol regularly increases your blood alcohol levels abnormally and leads to several health issues. It also leads to physical and psychological ill effects, including delayed memory recall. You may rather switch to unsweetened fruit juices.

4. Include Fish Oil Supplement

Fish oil supplements are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Omega-3 supplements naturally increase memory power. These are healthy fats and necessary for your wellbeing. These fats reduce the risk to heart disease and inflammation. The supplements also relieve anxiety and stress. Also, these supplements prevent slow mental decline.

Fish oil supplements also improve memory in elderly people. These have a good effect in people with mild cognitive impairment. Those with such a problem can experience reduction in symptoms of memory oil after taking DHA and EPA supplements. These even enhance episodic memory and several brain functions.

5. Cutback on Refined Carbohydrates

One of the reasons of damage to memory is consuming refined carbohydrates in large amounts. Some of the refined carbs to keep in check are white bread, cakes, cookies, cereals, white rice, etc. These foods contain high glycemic index because of which your body digests carbs quickly. Due to this, the blood sugar level increases drastically.

Refined carbohydrates are associated with reduced cognitive function and dementia. This is why you must moderately consume noodles, fast food items, and white rice. All these reduce your cognitive capacity causing poorer working memory and short-term memory.

6. Practice Meditation

Meditation relaxes and soothes mind. It is a natural ways to improve memory as it lowers stress and physical pain. Meditation has a positive effect on blood pressure and even enhances memory. Studies show that meditation increases neural cell bodies and gray matter in brain, which in turn improves cognition and memory. Relaxing techniques and meditation also improve short-term memory in individuals of every age. It has a good impact on spatial working memory. The ability to hold and process details by mind about objects and their positions in space is spatial working memory.

7. Suitable Level of Vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D can cause many health issues. This even includes disorders related to reduced-cognitive function. People with darker skin or living in regions with colder climates may usually suffer from vitamin D deficiency. This may lead to dementia and age-related cognitive decline. You must speak with your doctor to get a blood test to check vitamin D supplements. Several dietary and lifestyle changes can help provide apt amount of vitamin D.

8. Get Sufficient Sleep

If you get sufficient sleep, then you body and mind both go through the necessary repair. Lack of proper sleep contributes to poor memory over time. As sleep has a great impact on memory consolidation, it is advisable to never compromise with your sleep pattern. Memory consolidation relates to processing of short-term memories which turn into long-lasting memories. If you are deprived of sleep, then your memory will be impacted negatively. Proper and enough sleep develop brain power and make you more focussed and confident.

9. Exercise Regularly

Physical activity is important for both bodily and mental health. It is one of the best natural ways to improve memory. Exercising is beneficial for functioning of brain and improving memory in people of all ages. Moderate daily exercising can boost cognitive performance and memory. Regularly exercising can kill stress and anxiety. It also leads to the secretion of neuroprotective proteins. These proteins develop neurons necessary for brain health. In midlife, exercising is moreover important as it has positive effects on reduction of dementia symptoms.

10. Maintain an Optimum Body Weight

For your wellbeing, you must maintain a healthy body weight. This keeps your mind and body in good condition. Obesity can lead to cognitive decline, due to anxiety and stress. Studies have shown that obese people with age may suffer with memory-associated problems. A link is also visible between obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. This is a progressive disease that affects the cognitive function, and reduces/destroys memory. As obesity can cause inflammation and insulin resistance, it has negative impact on the brain’s function. An optimum body weight is associated with good performance of memory.

11. Try Out Brain Training Techniques

Working out your brain can actually boost your memory. There are several games that can make your gray cells work it out. The games may cause you to rack your brain, challenge your thinking power, and strengthen your memory. Certain mathematical games can do this job. Regularly playing cognitive-improving games can lead to a better memory. Some of memory improving games is playing cards, Titres, word-recall games, crosswords, etc. You can sign up for a brain training program either online or any practice center in vicinity.

To Conclude

If you want to improve your memory naturally, then you must follow the above-mentioned tips. These tips are harmless and have positive effects on almost everyone. The suggested changes in lifestyle and diet can have a significant result on brain function, cognition, and thinking ability. You will certainly get good results by adhering to these tips.