Does Masturbation Decrease Testosterone? (And Natural Ways To Boost It)

masturbation’s effects on testosterone

Masturbation and Testosterone – is there any link between them? Let’s find out.


Men tend to be concerned about the effect of masturbation on the testosterone count in the body. There are rumors that state excessive masturbation to be responsible for lowered testosterone levels.

This may not always be true. It is important to understand whether there is really a connection between masturbation and testosterone levels in men.

It is also important to know how to identify lowered testosterone levels in the body. Knowing more about your reproductive health is important. It helps you take the necessary steps to stay healthy and fit. Here we have shared all facts regarding male reproductive health for your knowledge:

How To Identify Lowered Testosterone Levels?

Knowing that testosterone levels in your body have dipped can help you take the right steps to correct it.

Here we have shared some symptoms that will help you identify lowered testosterone levels:

  • You may have difficulty sleeping.
  • You may observe memory loss or difficulty concentrating due to lowered testosterone levels.
  • Experience mood disturbances. 
  • You may experience greater levels of fatigue and lowered endurance levels.
  • You may observe a reduction in facial or body hair.
  • Observe lowered muscle mass due to lowered testosterone.
  • Some men have also complained of osteoporosis as a result of testosterone dip.

When the levels dip too much, it may also cause erectile dysfunction in men. Take all these signs as warning signs. Take instant action by consulting your doctor.

Read to know the best options for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation And Testosterone: Does One Affect The Other?

It is important to understand how masturbation can impact your health and sex drive. The short-term and long-term impacts have been assessed. The studies reveal some very interesting facts.

We have shared some highlights here:

  • Studies reveal that abstinence from intercourse or sexual activities can help to increase the testosterone levels in the body.
  • Men who masturbate frequently may have a reduced overall drive.
  • Testosterone levels in men decide the sex drive. Men who frequently masturbate may have lowered testosterone levels.

While frequent masturbation may harm your overall sex drive temporarily, occasional masturbation may be healthy.

Tips To Maintain Good Testosterone Levels

There is a direct connection between testosterone levels in a man’s body and his sex drive. This is the reason why it is extremely important to maintain proper testosterone levels in the body. However, many men suffer from lowered testosterone levels and side effects.

1. Some Exercises Help

This may seem strange and difficult to believe. Yes, exercising actually helps to boost testosterone levels. Studies have revealed that men who exercise on a regular basis show fewer signs of lifestyle-related diseases. 

The fitness was high and the reaction time was also less for men who exercised regularly. Lifting weights helps to develop upper body strength. It is also among the top methods to boost testosterone levels through exercise. 

Overweight and obese men tend to be prone to lifestyle health issues. They are also more prone to male impotency issues. Exercising on a regular basis can prevent all this from happening.

2. Get Necessary Sleep

Most people today conveniently ignore sleep. The body relaxes and rejuvenates during sleep. People who lack sleep tend to develop a vast range of mental health problems. They are known to be more prone to anxiety, stress, and depression.

Stress is also known to directly affect the male testosterone count. A great idea is to not deprive your body of the needed sleep. Make sure you get the 6-8 hours’ sleep the body requires.

3. Keep Stress At Bay

Stress can have multiple adverse effects on health. Male impotency is many times a result of excessive stress build-up. It is thus important to keep stress away. Pursuing a hobby or interest will help to eliminate stress. Exercise, yoga, and meditation are other ways to keep stress away. 

If you have a pressing matter that is stressing you, discuss it with family and friends. When you speak out your worries, you may be able to come up with helpful solutions. This will help you get rid of the stress.

4. Eat A Balanced Diet

There are countless benefits of a balanced diet. A man should have a diet that includes a fair share of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This will ensure that his body gets the necessary nutrition. Proper nutrition is necessary for the smooth circulation of blood through the body. This is significant for the male potency to stay intact. 

It is also a great idea to avoid junk foods completely. Junk foods tend to give an instant boost of energy. Later, they make you feel drained and fatigued. You need to reduce your intake of junk in order to stay healthy.

5. Try Natural Testosterone Boosters

Some herbs are treated as natural testosterone boosters. Ashwagandha is one such herb on which research is being conducted. Studies revealed that the herb is effective in increasing the testosterone levels even in infertile men. The studies also showed that the herb helped effectively to reduce cortisol levels in men.

Ginger extract is another significant herb that helps to boost testosterone levels in men. There are some other herbs too which are being studied regarding their beneficial effects on testosterone levels. You may try any of these to boost the testosterone levels in your body.

6. Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Smoking and tobacco use have multiple adverse effects on a person’s health. Nicotine present in these products affects your respiratory health. It also hampers the immunity. If you smoke or use tobacco, it is time to quit these unhealthy habits.

Alcohol is not unhealthy within limits. Excessive use of alcohol can harm your health and potency. You need to make sure you do not develop an addiction to alcohol or cigarettes if you wish to lead a healthy life.

Everyone desires to lead a healthy love life. If that must become a reality, you need to take the necessary measures. Eat healthy, exercise, and relax so that you are completely fit. It will help to improve your luck in love life too.