What’s The Link Between Birth Control And Weight Gain?

Women are usually weight conscious and health-conscious. That is why they worry about how birth control medicines will impact their health and wellness. They do not like to take birth control medicines that may hamper their perfect figures. There is a question that arises in the minds of most women when they start taking birth control pills. The question is whether the birth control medicines will affect their figure in any way. So, here we try to explore the connection between birth control medicines and weight gain.

The Many Misconceptions Related to Birth Control Medicines

Women are often concerned about the weight increasing tendencies of birth control pills. To add to their worries, there have been stories propagated by users of birth control pills that intensify the scare. Many women hesitate to take birth control pills because of their tendency to add to your body weight. While some researches reveal there is no real connection, there are other studies that reveal the converse. Women do not know what to believe and what to ignore. When there are so many contradictory reports regarding the same subject, it is almost always difficult to run into conclusions.

Are Hormonal Birth Control Medicines Really Responsible for Weight Gain?

So, which of this is real, and which of this is fake? Here is what we think is the truth. In the past decade, the hormonal birth control pills available in the market included a high dosage of hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Oestrogen is a hormone that not just increases the appetite of the woman but also increases the water retention capacity of the body. This is the reason why women who used these birth control pills with a high dosage of hormones gained excess bodyweight.

Medical science is fast advancing. Doctors have now understood the drawback of having a high dosage of hormones in birth control pills. That is why the strength of these pills have been greatly reduced. These include just the right number of hormones that the body requires. That is why women who depend on modern-day birth control medicines do not have to worry. They can rely on birth control medicines without bothering about any adverse and unbearable side effects.

Could There Be Other Causes of Weight Gain that you Have Not Noticed?

While most women associate weight gain with birth control pills, there could be many other reasons why your body gains weight. You need to analyze each of these aspects before putting the blame completely on birth control pills.

Here we have listed out many different factors that could be responsible for weight gain in a woman:

Diet Changes

The food we eat has a lot to do with our body weight. Some foods help to keep your body fit while some others add to overall body weight. You need to analyze your food habits before deciding why you are gaining weight. Here are some eating habits that may be contributing to weight gain:

Junk Foods: Junk foods kill the hunger for the time being but make you doubly hungry in a couple of hours. While they may be tasty, they do not provide the necessary nutrition for the body. It would be a great idea to completely eradicate junks from your diet.

Drink lots of water: If your body is thoroughly hydrated, your chances of feeling excessively hungry are few. This also reduces your chances of binge eating. This is the reason why you need to drink lots of water daily.

Include Dry fruits and Nuts in the Diet: Dry fruits and nuts are filled with vitamins and vital nutrients. While they may not make you feel full, they provide you with the energy that your body actually requires.

Changes in Sleep Regime

While sleep may not seem to be anywhere connected with bodyweight, it actually is. Sleep is necessary so that the body functions properly. Only when the brain and the body are in sync does proper metabolism occur. A good metabolism is an important factor to prevent weight gain. Make sure your body gets the necessary amount of sleep each day. Maintain good sleep hygiene so that your sleep is not disrupted.

Reduction in Exercise

Exercise can help you stay healthy. The body needs some amount of physical exercise in order to stay fit and energized. As we grow into adults and become officegoers, our lives become extremely sedentary. We are hooked up to household chores and office tensions. We find no time for exercise. The reduction in exercise could well be responsible for gain in bodyweight. As the body’s regular exercise reduces, the metabolism rate of the body also gets affected. This causes the body to gain excess weight.

Location Changes

When you shift from one location to another geographical location, the body may take some time to adjust. This change in location may also cause several changes in the body. Excess body weight could be one such response by the body for the change in location. This could be a temporary change and the body may regain the original shape when it gets adjusted to the new place.

Changes Due to Aging

Age is another important factor that most people forget to consider. As we age, the body’s metabolism rates naturally reduce. There is nothing unusual about it. You can still keep your weight in check by adjusting your diet and exercise regimes accordingly.

Everything in this world has its pros and cons and birth control medicines are no exception to this rule. As a user of birth control medicines, you need to evaluate whether the medicine does more good to you or harm to you. You need to assess the possibilities. You may also try out different birth control options before deciding the best option for your health. If you are sure the birth control pills are causing weight gain, you may consider other options like IUD or condoms to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy. If you are unable to make up your mind by yourself, you may consult a good doctor. He may help you to make the right choice.