10 Tips To Improve Your Memory: Physical Exercise, Focus And Attention

Tips To Improve Your Memory

In these article we will discuss 10 tips to improve your memory.

Do you ever wonder why you cannot recall your life as a baby? Why you have no memory of your first words, first walk, or even first food? Research suggests that training of the mind begins in babies even before they have left the womb. However, just as adults forget information over time, this information is also naturally forgotten as we grow up.

While you may never be able to recall what the first movie you watched was, it is possible to improve memory and recall of events and information in the recent past. Calendar and alarm reminders can be helpful, but neither will help cement information into your long-term memory.

There are, however, several strategies and techniques that can help improve memory and enhance the recall and retention of information. Some of them are listed below:

Focus and Attention

Attention is one of the prime players in memory. An effective strategy to commit any information to your memory is to focus your attention on that information. Find a place completely free of distractions like music, television, etc., and be alone. 

Focus all your attention on the information you wish to memorize and don’t cram too much information together. Focus on memorizing smaller bits of information and do this regularly to have an enhanced memory and retention power.

Relate Information

Another very effective method to remember information is to relate it to something you already know. Forming connections between new information and pre-existing memories can go a long way in improving memory.

Structuring and organizing information can also assist with better memory. Group similar packets of information together to remember them better.

Mnemonic devices can aid significantly in the recall. A mnemonic device is a simple way to remember some information like associating an event with a rhyme, acronym, or an image. Visuals are especially helpful in improving memory. 

Sleep Well

Sleep is crucial for the enhancement of memory and retention. Taking a nap right after absorbing new pieces of information will help you remember the details much better. 

Sleep is essential for memory consolidation. Have a regular sleep schedule, i.e. go to bed at the same time, and wake up at the same time every day.

Not looking at screens for at least an hour before going to sleep is also highly beneficial. Another important pointer, in this case, would be to cut back on caffeine. Caffeine promotes wakefulness which can get in the way of your sleep schedule.

Give the Brain a Workout

Giving the brain a workout helps you process and remember information notably better. The brain has developed several neural pathways that help you process information, solve familiar problems, and carry out familiar tasks. 

However, if the brain is not given something unique to process now and then, it will not receive the stimulation it needs to keep growing. Try engaging in activities which you are not familiar with and are challenging. The activity should require some amount of mental effort, or it will not be a workout for the brain.

Some examples of challenging tasks could be learning to play an instrument like the saxophone, learning a new language like German, or a new sport like badminton.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise helps keep the mind sharp and healthy. It provides a good supply of oxygen to the brain and reduces the risk of any disorders that could lead to memory loss. Exercise also reduces stress levels and plays an important role in neuroplasticity by forming new neural connections and pathways.

Most aerobic exercises like swimming and cycling are good for the brain. Exercises that require hand-eye coordination like juggling and jump-ropes can also boost the mind and maintain brain health.

While these lifestyle and habit changes could help monumentally with improving memory, cognition, and retention, there are also medical supplements that go a long way in improving memory. 5 of the best medicines to enhance memory are listed below:

Medlife Essentials Memostrong Tablet

This medicine is made with a combination of 7 different Ayurvedic herbs, namely Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi, Jyotishmati, Brahmi, Yashtimadhu, Tulsi, and Mandukaparni. It is a completely natural and herbal supplement.

The tablet can help boost focus and memory exponentially. It helps fight against stress by lowering cortisol levels. It also enhances both short-term and long-term memory and is beneficial for improving concentration. Memostrongs stimulates central nervous system and boosts the mind’s learning ability.

The Brahmi, in particular, is a magical herb when it comes to cognition and memory. It is often used to counteract the onset of disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Aricept, also known as Donepezil is often used to treat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. While it cannot cure Alzheimer’s, it can improve memory, attention, and functioning of the mind. This medicine comes under the category of an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. 

A person suffering from Alzheimer’s faces several structural changes in the brain. One of the key changes is the degeneration of nerve cells called cholinergic neurons. These nerve cells send signals to one another through a neurochemical called acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine inhibitors, like Donepezil, prevent the acetylcholine from being broken down. This greatly improves symptoms of dementia and other such disorders. Hence, Aricept is an effective medicine for improving memory and recalling capabilities.


It’s a type of amphetamine that enhances memory and attention in a person by increasing the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. 

It’s helps in increasing concentration and focus. It mimics the effects of adrenaline in our body, stimulating a fight-or-flight response that brings added alertness, focus, and clarity with it. This state of mind helps retain complex information as the ability to focus is heightened.

Adderall also improves basic memory and recall. While it is not too helpful with long-term memory, it plays an important role in short-term memory.

Jiva Memorica Syrup

This syrup works wonders in developing memory. It is made with a combination of Brahmi, Vacha, and Shankh Pushpi. All these Ayurvedic herbs aid in boosting memory and concentration.

The syrup also contains Kushmand, which is known for nourishing and sustaining brain cells. The presence of coriander helps regulate the functioning of the gut, leading to better absorption of healthy nutrients.

The syrup is beneficial as it enhances focus and helps people who suffer from insomnia or disturbed sleep. New information and facts are also retained and recalled much better.


Exelon is another acetylcholine inhibitor. Acetylcholine is an important chemical for learning and memory, and Exelon increases the levels of this chemical by preventing its breakdown.

Due to this function, memory and retention levels shoot up in a person. They are also protected from cognitive disorders and memory loss.


The human brain is capable of adapting and altering its functionality even in old age. This ability is called neuroplasticity. If the neuroplasticity is molded in the right way, the brain can form new neural pathways, adapt to new and unique situations, and improve memory and cognition exponentially.