How to Achieve the 6 Basic Human Needs and Stay Happy?

basic human needs

According to a popular psychologist, Abraham Maslow, human beings have 6 basic and important needs. The life of a person revolves around the basic human needs, which influence our brain, body, and mind, and even the people around us.

Maslow’s list has several requirements that spell ‘happiness’ towards the outlook of life in the long-term. As per his opinion, we all can achieve self-esteem, a sense of belonging, a sense of security, and contentedness out of these 6 basic human needs. In the below-given post, we will discuss these needs that every human has, and the approach towards the same.

6 Basic Human Needs

1. Food

Nutrition and food are the basic needs of every living being. Your body needs carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc to function normally every day, Good nutrition plays a key role in your initial physical and mental development.

With proper food intake and a balanced diet, you can keep away several health conditions and diseases. However, as human beings, we may sometimes to take a step further than fulfilling the need to keep the stomach full to indulge in bad eating habits.

It is where our sensibilities must come into action and keep a check on health. While it is great to enjoy eating out and binge on junk food, you must take care of your body and keep fit. Weight management steps in here. Keep exercising regularly to maintain an optimum body mass and weight, and then you can cheat on your diet at times.

2. Water

Along with food, you need ample hydration which comes from water. A major portion of our body constitutes of water, and like hunger, thirst has the potential to eliminate life. Thus, you must stay hydrated at regular intervals.

Consuming a sufficient amount of water every day will take good care of your body, and help in physical development. If you wish, you can also switch to fruit juices, but do not add sugar or artificial sweeteners in the same.

Just like how you may sometimes switch to wrong eating habits, the concept of ‘hydration’ can take the same hit. You may get more dependent on soft drinks, caffeine beverages, stimulating drinks, and brews to stay hydrated.

But all these are unnecessary to give your body the required help. Even if you intake such beverages, do it in moderation, and do make these a substitute for water intake.

3. Shelter

We all need protection from weather conditions, the scorching sun, and unpredictable temperatures. This is why finding a suitable shelter to protect your loved ones and yourself is important. You may look for a house in the budget as per convenience.

The type of house you want and can get will depend on your place of residence, financial condition, and many other factors. While you may wish to splurge on a luxurious space, be practical, and purchase a house that will not break your bank balance.

If you run a business or work in a company, make sure the house is nearby or accessible through public or private transport. Take into consideration the desires of the one you are going to live with, in choosing the right house. You can ask a real estate agent to help you find the ideal property or lookup for houses on sale online.

4. Socialization

Every one of us desires some kind of emotional and physical connection with other humans. This is often termed as socialization. Human touch and interaction can give you that feeling of belonging and love. As human beings are social animals, interactions with others form an important part of life.

Whom you wish to converse or connect with is subjective. The likes and dislikes of an individual may differ from the next person. Some people could be extroverts, who can easily socialize with others, while some, introverts, who may interact with only a few, or like to stay alone mostly.

A sense of well-being and happiness is often experienced out of socialization. You may hang out with your family and friends; attend events, and parties to stay in touch with your dear ones. These days, it is simpler to initiate a conversation with someone, with the help of social media channels on the internet. You may use this platform as well.

5. Sleep

Sleep is a natural body activity. You must get at least 6 to 9 hours of sleep every 4 hours. Sleeping sufficiently helps your body to repair. It also allows your brain to process any new details and emotional responses. Adequate sleep is necessary for your mental and physical well being.

It can initiate a new cycle and help cope with psychological and physical troubles. This is why, when injured or stressed, doctors may advise you to sleep ample, because it will provide you the required relaxation needed for recovery.

Set a sleep pattern. Do not oversleep or that may lead to discomfort. It is also advisable to not sleep during odd hours of the day just because you do not have anything else to do. While catching up on sleep is a good idea, this too should be kept in check. If you are facing insomnia or other sleep disorders, then you should consult a doctor immediately.

6. Novelty

Everyone enjoys newness and uniqueness in life. Novelty springs new opportunities from which we learn many things. It is this excitement and the lessons learned that keeps us going forward in life. Novelty brings that stimulation for the brain n form of dopamine.

If you lose the sense of excitement and originality in activities, then you may feel that life has become a bore, and you need a change. Even in such a situation, it is novelty again that can bring you back on track.

So, never give up if something does not work your way. Keep going and lookout for new changes and chances in life. Some changes will give you difficult lessons, but others will leave you with pleasant moments to cherish. It will help you become a bolder and a better person, who is flexible to things around, and ready to face all types of challenges.

Wrapping Up

The above-listed basic human needs when achieved allow you to feel secure, build self-esteem and confidence, feel loved, and carry a sense of self-actualization and belonging. These needs when accomplished make you happy and successful. But as time changes, preferences and habits of people to change.

The ways to acquire goals to change, sometimes, this could lead to a positive change, but sometimes, it could lead to a negative outcome. How you balance things off and meet the self-actualization without harming anyone else, is something you must figure out.

If the need arises, you can always take the help of someone in your life journey, and fulfill the basic human needs we discussed here. You may have to be in a good psychological and physical health to achieve the things as you want. So, never avoid any signs or symptoms of health disorders but seek timely help from a doctor or therapist.

As the human need is ever-evolving, be receptive to the changes around you, and be quick to adapt. If you sail through the first three basic needs including sleep, then you can work on the finances and other requirements to achieve the life goals.