How Effective Is Kamagra? And, Other Related Information


In this article, we’ll discuss the effectiveness of Kamagra along with its side effects, working, dosage, and much more.


There are a significant number of men in this world who are victims of some form of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Either extremely severe, moderate, or mild effects can be portrayed. But this medical condition comes under the category of ED only and only when the man faces issues in his performance in bed or during solo masturbation sessions. It can be attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle or to some underlying health condition that has disrupted the normal and healthy flow of blood to organs that need it to perform their allocated functions.

Some people may suffer from a potential life-disrupting medical condition known as Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or Prostate Enlargement. This leads to malfunctions in the way the urinary tract functions and several other abnormalities begin to unfold. Imagine wetting the bed at night despite being an adult? Ridiculous right? To overcome BPH, victims need to undergo surgery to remove their prostate.

These surgeries can easily damage the delicate nerves attached to the penis region. Signals of sexual excitation and stimulation are passed on to and fro from the brain by these nerves. But when the nerves are damaged, it’s impossible for the brain to command greater blood flow to the penis. This leads to a permanently flaccid penis, irrespective of whether sexually stimulated or not.

What Is The Solution?

The most common universally adopted solution to this is consuming Erectile Dysfunction (ED) pills. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are the most commonly prescribed ED medication. Another ED medicine that we shall be speaking about is Kamagra. The main licensed manufacturers are Ajanta Pharma and they are located in India. Kamagra pills are now globally available and consumed by a fair share of the ED population.

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1. How Does It Work?

The main reason ED victims are purchasing Kamagra is that it is a pocket-friendly option. On the other hand, Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are more costly and can be counterfeited due to unknown, unauthorized, and unregulated sellers on the internet. Keep in mind that easy online availability does not automatically make it safe. Any medicine must be consumed only after getting sufficient advice from a doctor. 

Just like other ED pills, Kamagra is also consumed orally prior to sexual activity and it also consists of Sildenafil Citrate. Expect the effects to kick in within an hour of consumption and last for around 4 to 7 hours. The half-life can vary based on an individual’s response to the drug and other dietary and medicinal interactions. 

If you are wondering whether Kamagra is effective, you must be informed that it is absolutely effective thus it has been used and manufactured for so many years. The main issue that lies is in identifying the right seller. Many dealers who claim to be “pharmaceutical companies” are actually just trying to make money at the cost of someone’s health. They make counterfeit medicines that either have an inaccurate amount of the main ingredient or consist of unregulated constituents that make it unfit for consumption. Thus, you must verify how authentic the website actually is. 


The working mechanism of these pills is exactly the same as other ED pills. They all use sildenafil citrate to do the job. It is due to this ingredient that the effects of this medicine occur only in the penis region of a man. The production of nitric oxide is increased and the production of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors is reduced. PDE-5 at high levels is not good for erections and leads to less impactful erections. 

Due to the hormonal and body chemical changes, there is an active saturation of oxygen in the blood. Eventually, the arteries and blood vessels are dilated and there is an increase in their diameter. This leads to a simpler and smoother flow of blood along the arteries and the penile structure is allowed greater blood circulation till the PDE-5 inhibiting and nitric oxide production properties are active.

Thus, an erection is generated and maintained for as long as the half-life of the drug is. Another important thing to remember is that – Kamagra will only function if you are sexually stimulated. Consuming the medication with no sexual excitation will lead to no effects.

2. Dosage

Kamagra was manufactured with an intention to be an orally consumed medicine. Incorrect dosages could lead to unnecessarily prolonged erections or even no erections at all. Especially, due to its sole online availability. There are 50 mg and 100 mg doses available.

The standard prescribed dosage amount is 50 mg and must not be consumed more than once in 24 hours. Be aware, if you have faced or are facing any kind of renal abnormalities then 25 mg must be the maximum dosage you consume, irrespective of age, and other health factors.  

3. Any difference in the effectiveness of Viagra and Kamagra?

95 percent of the consequences of consuming either of these two medications are the same. The only difference being that Viagra can also contribute to the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) issue that some men face. Another noteworthy difference is the price of either of these drugs. Kamagra is about 7 times cheaper than traditional Viagra and other ED pills.

4. Side Effects

Kamagra gives rise to side effects, but none of them can be even mildly threatening to the overall health condition of an individual. As long as you comply with the instructions given by the doctor and keep away from even moderate alcohol consumption, the side effects will be at their bare minimum. If at all you experience any side effects – expect headaches, nasal congestion, nosebleeds, gastrointestinal problems, nausea, or mild muscle pain.

The positive effects of Kamagra far outweigh the few possible negative side effects that are possible.

Kamagra can prove to impart altogether different effectiveness under the following conditions:

  • Men who have been heart patients or are currently heart patients. Any kind of blood vessel issues is also a good reason to consume Kamagra cautiously. 
  • Men who have recently undergone surgery of any sort.
  • Men who are victims of hypertension issues that are visible in their blood reports and blood pressure measurements.
  • Who suffer from penis deformities.

The bottom line is that Kamagra is highly effective as long as your source of purchase is authentic and reputed amongst ED pill consumers.