Exercises For Sexual Stamina to Build a Strong Relationship


You can take your sexual performance to the next level. All this is possible if you boost your sexual stamina. Now you can make this happen in several ways. Firstly, follow a balanced diet and eat healthy. Also remain stress-free. Do simple exercises for sexual stamina and stay fit.

Physical fitness is necessary in intimacy. So, in this blog, we will focus on it. We will talk about exercise for oral sex, workouts for sexual performance, routines for physical flexibility, and more.

1) Best Exercises for Oral Sex

Your tongue and mouth can do wonders in intimacy. In fact, oral sex is a great alternative to intercourse. It makes you climax like never before. Both women and men enjoy it. You can spice up your romantic life with oral play. It makes foreplay exciting, and prepares you for the big ‘O’.

  • Along with mouth, how you control breathing also arouses your partner
  • Holding breath at times to can keep an oral sex going
  • It can give a toe-curling experience
  • Your tongue, mouth, breathing, together needs adequate practice

Having a good control over breathing is important. It can supply your muscles with oxygen-rich blood. This allows you to slow your heart rate. It also increases sexual energy. So, learn more about tongue exercises for sexual stamina:

  • Tongue Push-ups

You need to repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times in a day. Push the bottom side of your tongue tip at the front of the mouth roof. Do it as hard as you can to feel the tension. The tongue should go up to right behind the teeth. This workout will make your tongue muscles sturdier.

  • Tongue pull-back

You have to repeat this exercise 5 times in a day. Hold out your tongue straight. Now gently put it back in mouth till end, as far as possible. You need to hold this position for 2 seconds. This routine will allow your tongue to stretch better.

2) Top Workouts for Sexual Performance

The above-given routines were detailed. In the following, we will go through others exercise to boost sexual performance:

  • Triceps

Want to have better control on your upper body? Then get those triceps going. It will assist you to have a better grip to push and pull. Some of the triceps exercises for sexual stamina are triceps extension, bench press, and triceps push-down or pull-down.

  • Biceps

Building your biceps will help handle more weight. You can toss, throw, lift, and pull without any hassle. Do include chin-ups, bicep curls, and bent-over row in your strength regimen. Lifting up your partner, or trying out new positions will get much easier.

  • Lower Back

A shapely and strong lower back can balance your body well. It supports the spine and supports your core. The exercises for sexual stamina and lower back stability are many. These are superman extension, lying lateral leg raises, and bridges. You can move with agility, and satisfy your partner and yourself better.

  • Glutes

Strong glutes can keep hips flexible. It can also improve the body balance. Thus, you can expect a good performance between sheets with rejuvenated glutes. Some of the routines to try are weighted lunges, squats, and hip extension.

  • Pectoral

With dominant pectoral muscles, you can master every physical act. You can lift and push, open and draw, have a better posture overall. The pectoral exercises for sexual stamina and pectoral muscles are several. Some of these are chest dips, bench presses, and push-ups.

  • Hamstrings and Quads

The knees and hips need the support of hamstrings and quads. With this, you can expect to last longer and go faster in bed. The stronger these muscles, the better hold you will have on movements. So, you can include lunges, leg presses, and step-ups in your fitness schedule.

  • Pelvic Floor

This is one of the most important exercises for sexual stamina. The pelvic muscles increase the power of genital area. You can flex and groove for a long time, if the pelvic floor muscles are strong. Some of the exercises for sexual stamina in this case include squats and Kegels.

  • Abdominal

A powerful core not only makes you attractive, but fit as well. You can woo your partner with picture-perfect abs. Also, good abs will put less pressure on your back and legs. To tone your abs, do planks, bridges, high knees, and sit-ups.

3) Effective Exercises for Physical Flexibility

If you can flex your muscles well, you can do a lot when getting intimate. This is why physical flexibility is important to have a satisfied sex life. In the following, we will discuss the leading exercises for sexual stamina and muscle building:

  • For Back, Quads, and Flexors

You can do standing hamstring stretches. For this, stand with knees bent slightly. Keep your feet apart as much as hip-width. Now rest the arms by your sides. As you bend forward to the hips, exhale. Next, lower the head towards the floor.

Simultaneously, relax your shoulders, neck, and head. Wrap the arms around legs. Keep up this pose for 45 seconds at least. Now roll up by bending your knees.

  • For Back, Quads, and Hip Flexors

Out of the exercises for sexual stamina, lunge with spinal twist is the easiest to practice. Start with the left foot. Get into the position of forward lunge. Face the floor and place your right hand on it. Extend the left arm to the ceiling.
You have to twist the upper body firstly to the left. Now keep this pose for 30 seconds at least. Repeat the same by twisting the upper body at the right side.

  • For Shoulders, Joints, and Elbows

The workout – rebounding on a trampoline enhances your feet-shoulder position. It is also beneficial for joints and arms. It is one of the exercises for sexual stamina for both men and women. Stand on a mini trampoline. Keep a pose wherein your feet are apart at shoulder’s length.

Slightly bend the elbows. Relax your shoulders and arms. With knees slightly bent, bounce lights on the trampoline, up and down. Make sure you do not bounce not more than six inches high. Also, to risk no injury and reduce impact on joints, slightly turn out your feet.

You may bounce this way for 20 to 30 times. Then give an interval of 15 to 30 seconds. Now perform the same in two sets.

  • For Triceps, Back, Neck, and Shoulders

Take your arms and stretch this over the head. Now bend your left elbow. Reach the left hand in a way that it touches the top-side at the middle of the back. With the right hand, grab below the left elbow. Now gently, pull down the left elbow. Keep this position for 15 to 30 seconds. And repeat this routine with the right arm.

  • For Groin, Hips, and Inner Thighs

Exercises for sexual stamina also focus to strengthen the lower body. For this, you can do the reclining bound angle pose. You need to hold this position for 30 seconds. Simply lie on the back. Keep soles of the feet together.

Now move closer to the floor. Keep the knees open at the upper side. Hold the arms at the sides. The palm should face down on the ground. This workout will improve the power at thighs and hips. In turn, your groin balance will also enhance.

Also people suffering from depression can get out of it with the help of exercises. Refer this article to know more about the link between exercise and depression.

Exercises For Sexual Stamina : Final Thoughts

Your physical stamina has everything to do with sexual performance. To strengthen it, you can try out the above-mentioned exercises. As much as bodily power is important, mental stimulation is crucial too. You cannot avoid the involvement of emotional and psychological aspects in intimacy.

You can seek help from a professional to learn other exercises for sexual stamina. So do not forget to work on your body and mind together. This will allow you to experience the best of both the worlds.