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Buy Cyclosporine Eye drops | Restasis Online: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects & Precautions

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What is Cyclosporine eye drop?

Cyclosporine eye drop is used to increase tear production in people with dry eye disease called Ophthalmic. Cyclosporine is in a class of drugs called immunomodulators.

This medication is used for the patients who have a dry-eye disease at a moderate level. The eyes of the patients with dry-eyes don’t produce tears to make them moist and comfortable. The medication works on the tear glands behind the eyes which might be not producing tears due too swelling or inflammation.

Cyclosporine eye drops can be applied to the eyes in aqueous drop form, but here penetration limits due to the low solubility of cyclosporine in water, whereas, olive oil or other corn oil solutions allowed greater penetration. But it is also reported that olive oil solution creates a burning sensation to the conjunctiva of the eyes.

Cyclodextrins, which is used as a penetration enhancer in ophthalmic solution, has also been used to increase corneal penetration of cyclosporine. Unwanted issues have noticed for the poor tolerance of such drugs, although evidence for enhanced delivery was also reported.

For sustained drug release emulsions provide positive topical ophthalmic drug delivery systems with a possibility. Restasis, the present approved drug, has 0.05% oil concentrated in a water base. Some other delivery options are under research works.

Cyclosporine eye drops: Dosage

Ophthalmic cyclosporine is found as an emulsion to instill in the eye. Applying twice a day with a gap of 12 hours is its usual dosage. The medication should be instilled at the same time each day. The application method of the liquid is printed on the label of the packet of the medicine also, and if still, you have confusion, ask the doctor or the pharmacist for the same.

Instillation limit of the medicine should not alter without the consent of the doctor.

Cyclosporine eye drops should be applied only on e3yes and the medication should not be swallowed or applied to the other parts of body-skin. Cyclosporine eye drops come in single-use vials. After opening for one or both eyes the liquid from one vial should be used immediately.

The medication ophthalmic Cyclosporine is used for different ophthalmic issues.

Some of the issues are Ocular burning, ocular hyperemia, Eyelid erythema, blurred vision, conjunctiva-hyperemia, eye irritation, lacrimal disorder, conjunctival irritation, keratitis, iridocyclitis, chalazion, foreign body sensation in eyes etc.

The 1% Cyclosporine ophthalmic solution is used in some rare ophthalmic cases like Ocular bacterial keratitis, blepharitis, eyelid pruritus, corneal decompensation, corneal scar, corneal infiltrates, increased lacrimation etc.

The users of Cyclosporine Eye Drops should follow some steps while they are instilling the emulsion. 

  • Before holding the vial, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Turn over the vial a few times until the liquid inside looks white and not see-through.
  • Avoid the dropper-tip come into contact with any other things. The droppers must be kept tidy.
  • While leaning your head back, hold back the lower lid of your eye with your index finger to form a pocket.
  • Without touching it hold the dropper with the other hand close to the eye as possible.
  • Put a single drop of the liquid into the pocket made by the lower eyelid. And then remove the index finger from the eyelid.
  • Close your eyes for 1-2 minutes bending your head down. Try not to blink at that time.
  • Place a finger on the tear duct and apply gentle pressure.
  • Wipe if any excess liquid has fallen on your face with a tissue.
  • Wait at least 5 minutes before instilling the next drop if you are to use more than one drop in the same eye.
  • Discard the vial out of the reach of children even if it is not empty.
  • And finally wash your hand cleanly.

The patient should carefully notice the shelf-life of the medicine. Eye-drops are sensitive drugs, and therefore, no unwanted complication is deserved for the carelessness.

Each ml. of sterile, preservative-free ophthalmic liquid contains cyclosporine 0.5 mg. Some other inactive ingredients are also mixed with the liquid, for example, Carbomer copolymer type A, Polysorbate 80, Castor oil, Glycerin, and Sodium Hydroxide to adjust the PH and Purified water.

Cyclosporine eye drops: Contraindications & Cautions

Inform doctor about your currently running prescription medicines, non-prescription medicines, OTC drugs, and herbal medications that you are taking. Tell your doctor if any other supplements you are taking.

Since caffeine, the nicotine from cigarettes, alcohol and other popular non-medical drugs can affect the action of many medications; ask your doctor whether you can use them along with this medicine.

Depending on your certain situation, your doctor may want you to:

  • Stop taking one of your present medications,
  • Alter one of the medications to another,
  • Commute how you are taking one or both of the medications, or
  • Leave everything as it is.

Drug interactions do not always demand to stop of any medications. In many cases, interactions are managed by close monitoring. Consult your doctor about how any drug interactions can be avoided or should be managed.

Where to buy Cyclosporine eye drops?

Online pharmacies will be the best to find this medication at its best price. But there you may have present your physician’s prescription. Otherwise with the doctor’s recommendation get it from your nearby medical pharmacies.


Before using Cyclosporine Eye Drops,

  • Inform your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to cyclosporine or any other medications.
  • Give the detail to the doctor of your present other prescription medications, non-prescription medicines, nutritional supplements, vitamins and herbal products you are taking, and of course, tell him if you are presently using any eye drops.
  • Instill other prescribed solution at least 15 minutes before or after you instill cyclosporine eye drops.
  • If you have a punctal plug in your eyes, i.e. stopper inserted by a doctor in a tear duct to keep tears in the eye, if you have an infection, and if you have or have ever had a herpes infection of the eye, tell the doctor for the same.
  • Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or lactating. If you become pregnant while using cyclosporine eye drops, don’t forget to inform the doctor about it.
  • While you are wearing contact lenses, the application of Cyclosporine Eye Drops is not permitted. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before instilling the emulsion and put them back in 15 minutes later. Take a suggestion from the doctor about wearing of contact lenses at the time of the dry-eyes problem.

Side effects

Most of the medications that are used for our treatment bring some unwanted effects to us. When the normal dose of any medicine invites some unwanted issue (s), we call it side effect. The side effect can be moderate, temporary or severe in nature. We’re listing some of the side effects related to Cyclosporine Eye Drops, but not all the patients have complained against them. Discuss the risks and benefits of this liquid with your doctor if you are much concerned about the side effects related to it.

The below side effects are noticed by only a few people using this medication. Some of the side effects can be overcome in other ways and some can go away with the time.

Blurred vision, eye burning, eye irritation, discharge coming out of eyes, eye stinging, eye pain, eye redness, itchy eyes, feeling of something in the eye, sensitivity to light and headache.

If any kind of such issues affects you firmly, you are strongly recommended to visit a doctor immediately.


How Cyclosporine Eye Drops should be Stored?

Store the medication safe away from direct heat and light. Keep it also safe from moistures. The ideal temperature to store it is at 77 degrees F or 25 degrees C. Keep it safe reach out of the children.

Where to buy Cyclosporine?

To buy Cyclosporine, the best option for you to visit the online stores. You might collect the drug from your local medical store or you can take the chance of getting some extra advantages by ordering it in the online stores. Free doctor’s consultation and attractive discounts are two lucrative offers for the online buyers.

You can also compare the price of the same medication in different sites. In the customers’ feedback page you can meet the experience of the different customers worldwide. And for your assistance customer’s helpline is there for 24 hours basis. You may think about saving your pocket.  Therefore, compare the price of the medicine in different stores. And then place the order in the web store.

You can satisfy yourself with both the generic and branded drugs of here. Service cost decreased having a large sale volume. Therefore, they can make them able to offer a lower price than the others. They spend little in their advertisement and quality of their products brings their reputation.

To make you doubtless you can consult with their service operator and feel free to ask any product related question to them. Most of the online medical stores now offer free shipping for their customers. But to avail it, your cart value needs to reach some certain amount. Therefore, ordering a full course of the medicine can make you eligible for free shipping.


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