Can People With Diabetes Drink Coke Zero?


In this article, we’ll discuss if it is safe for diabetic people to drink coke zero.


There are hell lot of problems with diet & drinks concerned with diabetics. We frequently hear a list of eatables & beverages that they should not consume and one such drink is carbonated drinks which also includes Coke. Bearing this in mind Coke has introduced sugar-free Coke named Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and so on. But is this Coke Zero really a drink that doesn’t affect the sugar levels? This is what diabetes patients should have the answer for. 

What Is Coke Zero?

It is an innovative drink launched in 2005 and is a sugarless and low-calorie drink. In nutshell, it is an alternative to the regular coke. The one interesting thing about this drink is though it has been in the market since the 80s it didn’t receive people’s support as people considered the diet tag too much feminine. As a result, coke zero came into vogue. It also comes in various flavors such as classic, cheery, and vanilla.

Can Diabetic Drink Coke Zero?

The above question always echoes in the diabetics’ minds. And the answer is YES! Diabetics too are as free as non-diabetics to consume anything they want. But the condition is- they should have an appropriate insulin dose. Having known this, it’s vital to bear in mind that many people find sugar levels going up when sweeteners are used.

However, this changes from person to person. One should even remember coke zero has no carbohydrates and so has limited consequences on sugar levels of diabetics.

By now you should have understood that usually regular soda comes filled with high sugar quantity this simply states that one should avoid regular coke. Let us see this in detail.

Say, for example, a 12-ounce normal coke generally has roughly 39 grams of sugar. This quantity is normally gotten when corn syrup that has high fructose is consumed. Therefore, this is a big no. You should even know that a normal soda has nearly 140 calories and this means not getting any nutrients from having it. But coke zero has aspartame apart from the 2nd sweetener called acesulfame potassium.

This ingredient is supposed to be 200 times sweeter than the common sugar that we use, so manufacturers can use this substance in less quantity and still get similar results. In addition to sweeteners, coke zero also has natural flavors, caramel color, carbonated water, and caffeine.

When one looks closely on the zero coke label one can see that it doesn’t state having fats, carbs, proteins & calories. What this indicates is that apart from the counterfeit sweeteners and a few other substances, the beverage does not have much. This fact directly says that same like other sugar-free drinks and foods the zero coke many not have sugar but at the same time, it is also not giving the body anything good like proteins, which are good for the body. So it is up to individuals to decide if they should drink it or not. Moreover, the marketing ads of such beverages and foods can be deceptive.

For instance, when you’re having an idea of dieting, you could be lured to trust that this blank label indicates that the food and drink are good for health. However, this isn’t the truth and could even directly be the opposite. No doubt that when one consumes coke zero he/she will not be getting extra calories or carbs but at the same time they will as well not get any protein or nutrition, the much-needed things for diabetics. All one will get is sweeteners and chemicals which could lead to other risks.

Diabetes And Coke Zero

By having zero coke one will only be satisfying the desire or appetite to drink coke but with no great results save for not adding extra calories & carbs to the body and adding chemicals present in it.

How will the ingredients in the diet coke affect the diabetics?

As said above there’s neither much harm nor much use. This drink has 2 main sweeteners called aspartame and acesulfame-K besides having colors & flavors that don’t affect one’s sugar levels in the blood.

How will the blood sugar of diabetics react to coke zero?

Both the sweeteners are known to be perfectly safe for diabetics. But, one should also note that whilst the simulated sweeteners do not increase the sugar level in the blood the other substance present in it-caffeine could increase sugar level.

According to research conducted around 2015 consumption of caffeine could have a notable effect on the sugar levels in the blood. Surprisingly the study traced that the sugar level could go up by almost all 8%.

Though the participated researchers in the study could not find why caffeine had such immense effect in increasing the glucose level in the body they recommended reducing the caffeine content as much as possible especially for diabetics.

Are there any triggered risks for diabetes people drinking zero coke?

Although the sweeteners in the drink do not directly affect the glucose in the blood they could still trigger some other issues. The same was confirmed by research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health. The study found that the sweet flavor present in zero coke could confuse the brain.

Sweet foods & drinks normally possess a good amount of calories but here in the case of zero coke, there are no calories. However, the brain by default when sweet drinks like zero coke are taken expects to receive some calories which unfortunately will not happen. And this situation will induce the brain to increase the hunger levels which ultimately makes your brain ask you to eat more to satisfy the brain’s desire for calories.

Besides, these hunger cravings could as well trigger you to eat carbohydrates and this could be a problem. So, when drinking coke zero one should check for this sign and control the cravings intelligently.

What is the ideal amount of zero coke for diabetics?

Diabetics while having any kind of drink should keep in mind that they shouldn’t be far-off from their suggested insulin dose. If the difference is far away then you would be asking for troubles. So, the amount to be taken depends on the insulin that you take. The amount should be within the reach of the insulin to convert the taken amount into calories, not sugar.

Myths And Facts

Myth: As diet does not contain carbohydrates they aren’t going to cause any harm to diabetes patients. So, they are considered safe.

Fact: The reality is, though carbs aren’t there and they don’t affect the glucose level the artificial sweeteners could have few complications like weight gain, high sugar craves, and metabolic imbalances. 

This is what the reality is as far as diabetics and consuming diet coke is concerned. So, now you are aware of the facts. Keep all these facts in mind and have your diet soda or whatever you wish.