Can Melatonin Help With ED Issues In Men?: Causes And Benefits

Melatonin for ED Issues

Melatonin for ED Issues

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common male impotency issue. There could be many reasons that cause erectile dysfunction in men. This condition can greatly affect the love life of an individual. It is necessary to tackle ED issues at the right time to prevent relationships from breaking.

Recent studies have shown a link between reduced melatonin levels and ED issues in men. The natural question arises whether Melatonin medicine can help prevent ED issues in men. It is important to understand what exactly ED is first. This will allow you to make a thorough analysis. It will help you know whether providing Melatonin to the ED patients will help to tackle their impotency issues.

What is ED (Erectile Dysfunction?

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is a condition where the male organ fails to get a proper erection even when thoroughly aroused. The male organ usually gets an erection because the PDE5 hormone causes the rush of blood into the male organ. In extraordinary cases, the PDE5 hormone prevents the blood from rushing into the male organ.

This usually happens when there is not enough blood in the body for running all organs effectively and causing an erection. However, in rare cases, this could also be the result of abnormal functioning of the PDE5 hormone. This is termed as erectile dysfunction.

What are the different causes of ED?

There are multiple causes that result in impotency issues in men. These include physical, psychological and lifestyle causes.

Some of the prominent causes of impotency issues in men are listed below:

  • Lack of understanding and bonding between the partners.
  • Taboo or aversion towards intimacy and nudity.
  • Existing illness that lowers strength and causes ED issues.
  • Excessive smoking and tobacco use that causes impotency issues in men.
  • Side effects of certain medicines that result in temporary impotency issues.
  • Abnormal functioning of the PDE5 hormone that results in impotency issues in men.
  • Stress, anxiety and depression that result in impotency issues in men.

Where does Melatonin come into picture?

Recently, studies have been conducted to check whether there is a connection between Melatonin levels in the body and ED issues. Melatonin is a hormone released in the pineal gland when a person is sleeping. Studies have shown a direct connection between the Melatonin levels in a man’s body and the sexual drive. 

Melatonin is a hormone generated in the body during sleep when you are not exposed to light. Studies show that people who have poor sleep quality show lower levels of Melatonin in the body. Same is applicable to people who sleep during the day. This indicates why men with poor sleep quality are also at a higher risk of facing ED issues. The availability of Melatonin medicine should be made possible for ED patients. The medicine may help men regain a good love life. Proper care needs to be taken while deciding the right dose of this medicine. Like all medicines, even Melatonin may prove harmful in excess.

What are the different benefits of Melatonin?

The Melatonin hormone offers several different health benefits. The melatonin in the body causes the blood vessels to widen. This makes you feel warm and cozy. You reach a sleep-friendly sleep and can fall asleep easily.

Proper melatonin levels are vital so that you lead a good love life. Lowered melatonin levels may affect different aspects of a person’s health.

Melatonin as a medicine maybe prescribed in certain conditions as listed below:

  • Doctors may prescribe a dose of Melatonin when a person is suffering from jet lag.
  • Aged people may experience Melatonin deficiency. In such cases too, the doctor may prescribe a Melatonin dose to revive health for the aged.
  • In certain health conditions, the body may naturally suffer from Melatonin deficiency. Even in this case, doctor may prescribe the Melatonin medicine.

How to increase Melatonin in the body naturally?

Since Melatonin is naturally produced in the body, there are ways to revive its levels naturally. 

Here we have listed out some of these methods:

  • You must consume foods that contain a high amount of L-Tryptophan just prior to bed time. This will ensure better production of Melatonin in the body. Some foods that serve this purpose are almonds, cherries, pumpkin seeds, bananas and walnuts.
  • It is a great idea to sleep in an extremely dark room to improve Melatonin production in the body. In urban areas where it is bright even during the night, you may consider using a sleep mask. This will ensure you get an undisturbed sleep in the night.
  • People who have Melatonin deficiency should also consider exposing themselves to early morning sunlight daily. You may also ensure you get maximum exposure to this sunlight by using the light box for a full spectrum lighting.
  • You need to make sure you sleep in moderate temperatures. Extreme temperatures while sleeping can hamper the melatonin production in the body.
  • Another great suggestion is to reduce daytime sleeping. When you sleep during the day, you do not get proper sleep in the night. Melatonin is only produced in night-time sleep. So, make this change in your schedule.

Some Other Healthy Habits to Avoid ED Issues

Melatonin levels are just one of the contributors. ED issues may arise in men due to many other reasons. It is important to take a few steps to stay healthy. A healthy body and mind will prevent impotency issues from occurring.

Here are some simple tips you may follow:

  • Create an exercise routine. Exercise on a regular basis.
  • Meditation helps to keep your mind calm. Try to meditate at least once a week.
  • If there are conflicts with your partner, try to talk and clear them.
  • If you are facing anxiety, depression or other mentally challenging issues, consult a counsellor.
  • Keep your bodyweight in check. Obese and overweight men are more prone to ED issues.
  • Try to build a strong rapport with your partner. Be free to discuss all issues. This will help to reduce stress and prevent ED caused by stress.

Yes, leading a healthy love life is not very tough. You just need to take some steps to correct existing issues.