Where To Buy Piracetam? Best Websites And Buying Guide

where to buy piracetam

In this article, we’ll discuss some genuine websites where you can buy Piracetam. Along with that, we’ll also share a brief buying guide.

What Is Piracetam?

Piracetam (pyrrolidone acetamide) best known as a nootropil, belongs to the class of nootropic compounds. The word nootropein comes from the Greek word noos – mind and tropein – to bend. Nootropics are compounds that are used as the Central Nervous System(CNS) enhancers. It is commonly used among students and workers to stay focussed and enhance their mental capabilities.


The discovery of piracetam dates back to the 1960s. It was invented by a Romanian scientist and psychologist named Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea. Since then several such compounds have evolved including levetiracetam, oxiracetam, and aniracetam. Piracetam is the most popular member of the racetam family and is well known worldwide for its capabilities.

Working Mechanism

To date, the exact mechanism of action of such nootropic compounds has not yet been discovered. Some researches proposed that the structural similarity between piracetam and GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA – a type of amino acid) provides piracetam a GABA mimetic action and antioxidant properties.

Medicinal Usage

Various clinical trials on humans and animals have proved that piracetam enhances our CNS in numerous ways. Some of which are:

1. To enhance memory, cognition, attention, and combat depression

Clinical trials have proved that the use of piracetam enhanced mental abilities in aged people. It also reduced the effects of cognitive deterioration after heart bypass surgery. Piracetam along with cinnarizine was found to improve cognitive abilities, mood. And activity among patients with ongoing multiple sclerosis (MS).

2. To treat epilepsy, convulsion, and seizure

Piracetam is used as an add-on therapy to reduce motor impairment in the treatment of myoclonus epilepsy.

3. In the treatment of stroke/Ischaemia

It has been found that piracetam facilitates the recovery of verbal skills in patients who are recovering from a stroke.

4. To improve vision

Piracetam also improved color recognition in patients who suffered from traumatic brain injuries.

Piracetam Buying Guide

The following factors must be taken into consideration before choosing your vendor

1. Purity

Ensuring the authenticity and purity of the compound is an important step before choosing your vendor. Impure nootropics adulterated with heavy metals are going around the market and are highly dangerous to mental and physical health. Ensure that the product is pure and free from impurities. One such way is to check the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) of the product. Make sure that the product has both inhouse and third-party CoA.

2. Cost

Different forms of piracetam have different prices in the market. The powdered and capsule forms are the most common. Though the capsules cost a little more they come in precise dosages and are more preferred than the powdered form since you have to exactly weigh the powder each time you use it. The price also differs based on the quantity you order. Be clear in what you want and how much you want before ordering.

3. Credibility

Check the credibility of your vendor through the comments and feedback of other users. This will provide you an insight into other’s experiences and will help you to choose the right source.

4. Shipping 

The shipping and refund policies are an important criterion while choosing the vendor. There is a high probability that your product might get mixed up or get damaged during shipping. In such cases make sure that the shipping policy of the vendor allows for a refund or reimbursement for the product.

5. Customer Service

Active customer service and an awesome website are added benefits. It makes the experience hassle-free. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and belief in the product and makes you come back for more.

Where To Buy Piracetam Online?

1. Nootropics.com

Nootropics.com provides the utmost care to packaging and convenient usage of their products. They offer only capsulated forms of piracetam. All the products come in elegant glass jar packaging. All their products have third party CoA with assured 99% purity of the compounds.

They provide free shipping in the US for orders above 50$ and free shipping to other countries for orders above 200$. The shipping time is around 2-3 days for US and 7-14 days for other countries. However, the products are quite expensive when compared to others. And though they have a 90 days return policy.

The product will not be refunded if the packaging is opened. If you are an individual who is ready to spend a little more for a superior quality nootropic product then nootropics.com will be the right choice for you.

2. ReliableMedRX

Shameless plug – the website on which you’re reading the blog, too, has an awesome online store where you can buy Piracetam for affordable rates and without much trouble. And, in case, you’re ever confused navigating the website (which you wouldn’t), we have a live chat option to help you in every step of the way.

Well, we’ll not talk much about ourselves, so let’s move on to the next one.

3. Nootropics Depot

Nootropics depot is best known for its huge variety of products. All their products have guaranteed in-house and third-party testing certificates. The products are available in both powder and capsules in specific quantities. If you want to play safe and start with smaller quantities then nootropics depot will be the best choice.

They have a wonderful shipping policy with a large number of satisfied customers in Reddit. The products are also quite cheap. Nootropics Depot provides excellent 9-5 customer support from Monday to Saturday through Emails. You can also order their products through amazon.

4. Pure Nootropics

Pure nootropics is also a key player in the nootropics market since 2013. They seem to have high credibility among Reddit and other communities. Reliable products with third-party CoA as well as build-in safe testing for their products. They provide both capsules and powdered forms of piracetam and their prices are quite cheaper than others.

They have stopped shipping to certain countries like Argentina Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, Norway, and Sweden due to some regulatory measures. Ensure that the product can pass through customs in your country before ordering.

Where To Buy Piracetam Online? Wrapping Up

Despite its high popularity as a smart drug among students and workers, piracetam comes with certain side effects such as headaches, weight gain, and dizziness. The interaction of piracetam with other chemicals and alcohol has not yet been studied thoroughly but less than 0.01% of consumers have reported any side effects. At the end of the day, it is much safer to consult a medical practitioner before taking up piracetam.