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What is Bimatoprost?

Bimatoprost eye drops is an ophthalmic solution with two uses use – glaucoma treatment and eyelash growth. This potent drug is used to stimulate the growth of eyelashes in individuals who do not have enough lashes. As people grow old, eyelashes naturally reduce. However, some people typically do not have enough of the lashes even when they are young. Using Bimatoprost regularly can help rectify this problem.  

Bimatoprost makes the eyelashes more visible by stimulating them to grow thicker, darker, and longer. This ophthalmic solution, closely resembles prostaglandin, a natural substance secreted by the body. Prostaglandin has several roles, including the reduction of intraocular pressure and controlling cell growth. 

The other important use of Bimatoprost is to treat glaucoma. Glaucoma occurs when the optic nerve is damaged, and it is linked to pressure build-up inside the eye. High intraocular pressure usually results in glaucoma, if left untreated.

The use of Bimatoprost should be under the guidance of a doctor. If you are already using this drug to treat glaucoma, using it as an eyelash remedy can trouble your eyes. Remember, putting an excessive amount of Bimatoprost in your eyes makes it less effective in managing glaucoma. 

How to use Bimatoprost (Xlash)?

Bimatoprost is a liquid formulation, and it must only be applied to the upper eyelids. Before you use the medication, ensure you read the instruction on the label. If the information is not clear, you better consult a doctor. 

Use this potent ophthalmic solution once a day; in the evening. Use it at the same time every night to get the best results. Besides, follow the instructions of the doctor on the prescription label with care. Use the exact amount; do not use less or more. If you use topical Bimatoprost more than once a day, it will not accelerate the growth of eyelashes.

Follow the steps below to use this medication

  • Apply the drug on a clean and dry face. So wash your hands and face thoroughly with soap and clean water. Ensure that all makeup is off. Also, if you have a pair of contact lenses, you’ll have to remove them.  You can reapply them 15 minutes after applying the drug.
  • Take the Bimatoprost applicator and place one drop of the Bimatoprost eye drop; hold the applicator horizontally, and put a drop just near the tip. Make sure that the tip of the bottle does not touch the applicator. Similarly, the applicator and the tip of the bottle should not touch any of your fingers or your eyelashes. This action may contaminate your medication, which may result in unintended eye infections.  
  • Move the applicator over the upper eyelids skin at the base of the eyelashes – the junction between eyelashes and skin, carefully from the inner part of the eyelash line towards the exterior part of your lash line. Typically, the area should feel just moist. Blot out any excess Bimatoprost solution using a tissue paper.
  • Set aside/ dispose of the applicator, and pick another applicator to use on the next eye. 

Do not apply the Bimatoprost eye drop solution on the lower eyelids. Similarly, if you have broken or irritated eyelids, do not apply this medication.  After using the drug, replace the dropper cap and let it stay tightly fitted.

During the process of applying the ophthalmic solution, it may enter your eye. This is no cause to get alarmed; Bimatoprost is used to treat glaucoma. However, it is vital that you avoid this tendency, as it may make the drug ineffective in case you get glaucoma. Some doctors advice on rinsing your eyes with clean water in such cases. 

You can realize results from this ophthalmic solution after four weeks of regular use. Full results come after 16 weeks of consistent use. Do not stop using this medication even after realizing full results. Continuing using it stimulates growth. When you stop using topical Bimatoprost, your eyelashes will revert to their original status.

The effect of topical bimatoprost eye solution may not be the same on a set of eyelashes. Differences in thickness, length, density, color, number, density, and direction of growth may be noticed.  

Can I share Bimatoprost medication with others?

No. Bimatoprost prescription is specific. It is only prescribed either if you are treating glaucoma or promoting the growth of eyelashes. So do not consume it with others

What happens if I overdose?

Taking an overdose of Bimatoprost can be dangerous. In case of an overdose, you’ll experience symptoms like shortness of breath and a feeling to pass out. In such cases, seek medical care immediately. 

What to do if I miss a dose?

If you miss your dose of Bimatoprost, let it pass; but resume your usual schedule the next night. Do not double your next dosage to compensate for the missed one. Taking a double dose is overdosing, and this can lead to adverse effects.

Where should I store the medicine?

Store your Bimatoprost eye drop away from heat, sunlight, and moisture. Store it at a temperature between 36 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not store this medication in the bathroom, and like any other medication, keep it out of reach of children and pets. 

Upon expiry of this drug, discard it as directed by the pharmacist. You can also ask your pharmacist on how to do it. Apply similar measures when you no longer need the drug. Do not flush this ophthalmic suspension down the toilet.

Are there any drug interactions?

There may be possible drug interactions. Therefore, before using this glaucoma medication, ensure that you talk to your doctor about any other medicines (prescription, herbal, nonprescription) you are taking. Note that if you are on other glaucoma medication, e.g., latanoprost and travoprost, it is wise to disclose it to your doctor to avoid adverse effects. However, your doctor or pharmacist will monitor you for anything abnormal. 

What kind of precautions do I need to take?

When you opt to take this drug, you must talk to your doctor on various issues. Most importantly:

  • Tell your doctor you are allergic to Bimatoprost or other similar drugs. The drug has other inactive ingredients and preservatives that may cause an allergic reaction as well as discoloration of the lens. 
  • If you are on other eye medication, tell, your doctor. 
  • If you are treating your eyes for diseases like iritis, macular edema, uveitis, etc., inform your doctor. Such a medical history helps to avoid over-medicating yourself. Besides, your doctor needs to know if you are taking any eye pressure medication such as Xalatan and Travatan. In this case, the doctor can alter the dosage of medicating or closely monitor you for side effects. 
  • Call your doctor if you develop irritation, injury, or infection during the treatment. Also, talk to your doctor if you have surgery during treatment with a bimatoprost eye drop. Do the same if you develop a new eye condition.
  • Still, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, or if you are planning to get pregnant, talk to your doctor. Your doctor will explain the risks involved.
  • Always remove contact lenses before applying Bimatoprost, and only reapply the lenses 15 minutes after application of the drug. Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution contains a preservative benzalkonium chloride. Contact lenses can absorb this substance, and it can destroy them.
  • There is a possibility that some differences may occur in eyelash length, fullness, thickness, number, and color. These differences always go away when you stop using the drug.

What are the possible side effects?

The range of side effects when using this eye medication is wide. They vary from patients to patients. Nevertheless, common symptoms include itching, discomfort, eye redness, and dryness. In worse cases, the eyelids may redden. If these conditions worsen or persist, seek medical attention.

The doctor asses your state before making a prescription; The drug will have more positive effects than adverse effects. That is why very few side effects or even none are expected.

Unintended hair growth may occur in areas of your skin where the drug more often comes in contact with. Always wipe any extra medication after you apply it to your eyes. 

In some cases, severe eye pain, abnormal discharge, and swelling can occur. Also, vision impairment or complete loss of vision may occur. These conditions are rare but detrimental.

Bimatoprost ophthalmic suspension can cause an allergic reaction. But again, this is rare. If you have the following allergic reactions consult a doctor: skin rashes, skin itching, trouble breathing, drowsiness, and skin swelling.  

While using topical Bimatoprost, your eyelid skin may darken. Again, it may turn the color of your eyes to brown. Eyelid will revert to the original color when you stop using Bimatoprost. But with eye color, the change is permanent. 

Other symptoms not listed above may occur. So watch out for any abnormal signs, and contact your doctor soon as you see them. 

What is the brand name of Bimatoprost?

Bimatoprost is sold under two brand names depending on the use. When used to treat inadequate eyelashes, it is sold as Latisse and Lumigan for glaucoma. In both cases, the drugs are sold as ophthalmic solutions, and they should be used under doctor’s instructions. 

FAQs: Bimatoprost

Is it safe to use medicine?

Yes, especially when you use it under a doctor’s guidance.  Again, taking the right dosage regularly makes the drug safe and effective. 

Can I buy Bimatoprost online?

Yes, ReliableMedRx(RMR) is an online drug store that stocks and sales this medication. The drug at this store is cheaper as compared to other online drugstores. 

How does Bimatoprost work?

Generic Latisse causes the following changes in the eyelashes - 25 percent increase in length, 106 percent fullness, and 18 percent darkness after 16 weeks of use according to clinical trials. These studies further show that 78 % of users of Latisse experienced some significant growth in their eyelashes. 

What is the actual mechanism?

The exact mechanism of action of this ophthalmic solution is still unknown. However, it's believed that it prolongs the active phase and anagen phase

How soon can I expect the results?

The mechanism of action is gradual. You may start seeing changes within 2 or 3 weeks of regular usage. Keep using it because full results will be realized after 16 weeks.


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