Best Nootropics For Brain Fog: Our List Of Top 12 Supplements

Nootropics For Brain Fog

Nootropics For Brain Fog

In this article, we will discuss best Nootropics for brain fog treatment.

If you have cloudy thoughts and are unable to focus, then Brain Fog could be a reason. Although, it is not a medical condition.

Brain Fog is considered as some form of cognitive dysfunction. Cognitive function is meant to control brain-based skills such as knowledge-gathering, speaking, thinking, making decisions, and other executive functions.

Brain Fog is a type of cognitive dysfunction which leads to a lack of concentration, inability to focus, problem-solving ability decline, memory problems and confusion, slow thinking, and lack of mental clarity.

Stress, lack of sleep, medications, hormonal changes, or even diet can be the causes of Brain Fog. Stress indeed causes depression and weakens the immune system. Whereas, a lack of sleep can cause poor concentration and cloudy thoughts.

A poor diet can also be a cause of Brain Fog because many foods consist of different vitamins and nutrients that are vital for brain health.

To avoid situations of Brain Fog, one must take Nootropics with a proper diet and sound sleep. Nootropics are supplementary cognitive enhancers that can improve the neural connectivity in the brain and lead to greater work efficiency. 

Nootropics can improve brain power by enhancing memory, concentration, and focus. But before taking a Nootropic, you should talk to your doctor. You never know what drug interactions could lead to future side effects on your health.

If you are fighting a mental clog or having any trouble getting in the flow, then the Nootropics listed below may help you improve your brain function.

1. Resveratol

Resveratol is naturally present in fruits with red and purple color skins. Such as grapes, raspberries, and blueberries. Resveratol possesses the capability to improve the rate at which your neurons are firing. Thus improving brain efficiency.

Memory can be improved by taking a prescribed dose of Resveratol. Resveratol is also found in coffee and dark chocolate. Even better, it is affordable and available at most pharmacies. 

2. Caffeine

Caffeine is commonly found in tea, coffee, and dark chocolate. It helps one to feel less tired and more alert by stimulating the brain and central nervous system.

Taking a few doses of caffeine per day is considered safe and benefits the health, but taking too much of it can cause anxiety, nausea, and trouble in sleeping.

3. Ginkgo Biloba

As we age, poor memory issues become a problem. Ginkgo Biloba reduces age-related memory dysfunction. It increases the blood flow to the brain and improves cognitive functions like focus and memory, which in turn boosts brainpower.

4. Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Acetyl-L-Carnitine improves memory, makes a person feel more alert, reduces age-related memory loss, and increases the individual’s learning capacity. It is an affordable Nootropic and is easily available online.

5. Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine helps improve the formation and connection of new neural paths in your brain. This makes focusing much simpler, while also letting you finish 7 hours worth of work in 3 hours. It is known to be present in the membrane of every single cell of our body.

Taking the prescribed dose of Phosphatidylserine helps reduce the chances of memory loss by improving memory and practical thinking. Phosphatidylserine is easily available on both online and offline pharmacies.

6. Rhodiola Rosea

It reduces mental fatigue which helps to improve the brain’s processing power by stimulating the central nervous system. Consumption of Rhodiola Rosea also reduces the tiredness.

Rhodiola Rosea is known for mood-boosting and energy-generating properties because it has the elements of a physical performance enhancer. It also protects the brain from facing the drawbacks of stress and repairs the damaged cells.

7. Bacopa Monnieri

By providing increased blood flow to the brain, Bacopa Monnieri lets your brain process functions at a quicker pace. Following up on a month-long prescription cycle would showcase a more effective work session.

Although, it may occasionally cause diarrhea if not taken with food.

8. S-Adenosyl Methionine

S-Adenosyl Methionine is a type of antidepressant medication. It is helpful for the people who are suffering from depression and a decline in prolonged brain function. 

9. Creatine

It’s plays an important role in energy metabolism and it is found naturally in the body. Creatine supplements can be easily found in the form of animal products like meat, fish, eggs.

10. Citicoline

It is known to be the best brain functionality booster. Citicoline helps to protect your cognitive abilities from brain trauma. This happens as dopamine concentration is increased in the brain. The whole point is to encourage the brain to produce extra dopamine.

Keep in mind, consuming Citicoline as a Nootropic without consulting a doctor could lead to even more brain fog. Even slightly high doses could confuse your brain.

11. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Under the conditions of high stress and high activity, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine naturally declines stress levels to keep the brain in good health. It may help in reducing excess depression or stress and also lack of sleep. 

Remember, prescribed doses are a must. When you consume supplements for the brain, an initial consultation is a must.

12. Organic Lion Mane Mushroom

Mind Lab Pro capsules are the only capsules in which authentic Lion Mane Mushroom is present. This rare mushroom concentration helps in maintaining clear memory and focus for people aged 50 to 80.

If a doctor-prescribed dose of Lion Mane Mushroom is consumed, it can help to build new neurons that recover the cognitive function and mood of a person suffering from Brain Fog. 


The perks of consuming Nootropics far outweigh the side effects. Despite consuming supplements, you get a natural sense of motivation. This gives you a mental boost and makes it simpler and quicker to perform otherwise complex brain activity. 

ADHD patients can benefit the most. There are plenty of ingredients in nootropics that are derived from foods. The most important one is omega-3. It helps nurture the brain cells and improve the blood flow to and from the brain. 

Individuals recovering from brain seizures, hallucinatory issues, heart malfunctions, and insomnia can experience significant cognitive recovery after consuming nootropics.