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Buy Abortion Pills Pack | (MTP Kit + Flexon MR + Ondansetron + Ethamsylate)

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Before we tell you how to use the Abortion Pill Pack, it’s important for you to know what’s included in the pack.

The Abortion Pill Pack comes with 1 MTP Kit ( 1 tablet of Mifepristone & 4 tablets of Misoprostol ), 10 pills of Flexon MR and 4 Pills of each Ondansetron 4 mg & Ethamsylate 250 mg.

The component Mifepristone performs as an anti-progesterone hormone drug. It helps to make void the effects of progesterone. This hormone is the primal necessity of pregnancy for a woman. 

The other drug, Misoprostol, assures a successful enlargement of the uterine contractions. This medication kit is effective for avoiding the pregnancy with better privacy and less pain. 

What does the Abortion Pills Pack do?

With the help of multiple medicines, the Abortion pills pack aims at terminating unwanted pregnancy. Here's how it works.

Function of Mifepristone

This synthetic steroid can be used separately or in combination with another drug. Women having pregnancy should apply for the medicine within 7 weeks of the start of her last menstrual period. This stage can be said as an early pregnancy period. The medication chokes up the hormone needed for pregnancy to continue.

In adults with endogenous Cushing’s syndrome Mifepristone also indicated for high blood sugar levels which are medically called hyperglycemia.

Patients must take this medication exactly as told by the physician to end a pregnancy. Take the medication with food if needed for indicating high blood sugar. The pill shouldn’t be crushed or broken. It should be swallowed with plain water.

Function of Misoprostol

This synthetic prostaglandin is prescribed in many occasions. Misoprostol is used for labor induction, miscarriage, ulcer, postpartum hemorrhage or blood loss during the birth time and in other gynecological issues. Misoprostol reduces the acid secretion in the stomach. The medication comes in a tablet form taken orally. The recommended dose of this drug is 200 mcg four times daily with food. A dose of 100 mcg can be used if the previous one is not appear tolerated.

Abortion Pills pack: Warnings

Any unwise use of the medication in the kit can appear fatal; therefore, extreme caution should be maintained while using this medicine. For a total abortion case below we are mentioning the detailed instructions of using it. But suggestion and recommendation from a doctor are always preferable.

  • An Abortion pills pack contains one Mifepristone pill of 200mcg power and four Misoprostol pills of 200mcg power each at the total.
  • If the consumer has taken the final decision about abortion, she has to take one Mifepristone pill orally.
  • Four tablets of Misoprostol would have to be inserted vaginally after two days of taking the previous one. The tablets might be self-administrated by the woman or she can take clinical help.
  • For women at 49-63 days of pregnancy, who has used the Misoprostol, if abortion has not occurred after 4 hours, another dose of 400mcg Misoprostol (double dose) may be taken vaginally or orally. The consumption type depends upon the amount of vaginal bleeding and preference. The second method should be applied after getting the confirmation to your doctor.
  • After the abortion, a clinical examination or ultrasonographic scan should be done by the patient after 14 days administration of Mifepristone.
  • Depending upon the woman’s body vaginal bleeding can be varied. Bleeding is normal in such cases. The bleeding period may vary from patient to patient. It can be retained for a few days or a little longer time.
  • If you notice that the vaginal bleeding is not getting stopped after two weeks, contact a doctor soon; because vaginal bleeding used to last for a period of total 9 to 13 days in such cases and in case of severe abdominal pain, it is always recommended to visit your doctor.
  • If the blood clots are larger in size, take a suggestion from the doctor. During the abortion period mild fever, nausea, cramps, tiredness, breast discomfort and mood changes are quite normal.
  • If you have Rh Negative blood group, any allergy, continuing breastfeeding, and taking other medication, then tell the doctor about them before applying the drugs.

How to Buy the Abortion Pills Pack?

Net surfing is getting much available day after day resulting admission of a lot of new users. And no need to say that we are getting more to receive the maximum output from it like home delivery of our day to day products. Medicines are not apart of it; rather the medical sites are taking hits in an increasing way. Likewise, you can get the pack delivered at your home only.

The order of this medical kit is growing up significantly. Perhaps the consumers are willing to avoid the surgical abortion. The success rate of medical abortion is very high and it is safe also. The drugs used here work effectively. Several clinical trials had been done before the marketing of this product. Physicians have gone through the researches and have opined for its safety. And that is why this pills pack is the choice of millions of women around the world.

How to Use the Abortion Pills Pack?

Both the drugs of the kit need to be taken orally. The function of the first drug is to make loose the fetus in the womb. The medicine can create cramps and bleed through the vagina. If the first one can’t make the work alone then the second one should be taken to expulse the fetus. It also does the same result, cramps, and bleeding, which is much similar to a monthly period only more severe in most cases.

You need to remember that bleeding may continue for up to two weeks. But the maximum bleeding happens within six hours after the second medicine is inserted into the vagina. At this time the patient might see the egg, which has only about 2cm in diameter. Women can carry up their daily schedule works from the next day but only using the pads for bleeding.

Who Can Use the Abortion Pills Pack?

A medical abortion uses drugs, such as the Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Therefore, patients must take care of their present drugs and diseases. For instance, women who are taking corticosteroids for treating asthma long term are not eligible for using this medicine. The same applies to women who are allergic to the drug or any of its components. Likewise, this medication is also not suitable for the women who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, severe asthma, high blood pressure and porphyries.

Women using an intra-uterine contraceptive device or IUCD may also face a contraindication. And for them who have or had a pregnancy outside the uterus which is used to call as ectopic pregnancy, are also not safe for the abortion with these medications.

Women using this medication need to visit the clinic or the hospital two weeks after the abortion. If she is not willing or unable to go to the clinic should be treated as ineligible for using this kit.

This medication bears a success rate of 95%. Still, there is a chance of an incomplete abortion. In such cases, the surgical operation needs to be done because the medicine has already done the damage to the fetus. Remember, there is no chance of thinking back after taking the first drug.

Side Effects of the Abortion Pills Pack

During the abortion, bleeding is a common factor. Besides it some other s\unwanted effects you may face with this medicine. Diarrhea, headache, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and fever are some common side effects of this pack (Mifepristone and Misoprostol). You may feel a abdominal pain, but it is moderate, and sometimes doctors suggest painkillers for it. But very few patients can require it. However, the medication is safe for future conceive.

Abortion Pills Pack: Warnings

Patients should concern about some points before using this pack. For example, if you have an allergic tendency to any of the component of this medicine (Mifepristone and Misoprostol), tell the doctor before using it.

The sings of allergic reactions are bad. They may include wheezing, swelling of face, throat, lips, and tongue, shortens in the breath, itching, hives, rash etc. If you are taking a blood thinner or a long-term steroid like Prednisone, then avoid this medicine.

For the breastfeeding mother, it is not safe. Patients having an adrenal failure and bleeding problems should also avoid this medicine.

If you are more than seven weeks pregnant and have an IUD in place, then better not use this medicine.

Health issues like endometrial cancer, change in the cells lining your uterus and vaginal bleeding should ask the doctor before using it.

Benefits of Buying the Abortion Pills Pack Online

In the last few years with the customers’ trust, awareness and shopping habit has made the online pharmacies flourish. Rather the online pharmacies are promoting their branded and generic products with a good response.

To buy the pack you need to search a little in the online stores. The leading online stores offer some extra benefits for their customers like customers’ feedback submitting, free doctor’s consultation and all the day customers’ helpline.

Our online pharmacy is here to provide you the medications.

You might not get it at your nearby medical store, but here our online store is ready to serve you. With our express courier partners, we’ll reach your order directly at your doorstep within our assured time.

Best Prices, guaranteed

We cater all types of ED medicines along with the abortion pills as well as birth control pills. However, you may search in the different web medical stores for the price comparison, because in some cases same types of generic medicines often show different price list. But, we can assure you that we’ll provide you the best price in the market.

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Reliable Customer Support

We care very much about our customer needs. To guide and assist you the best our helpline number remains open all the days a week. We also answer your emails for any kind of detailed query.

Chat support is also provided from our side. We assure you about instant assistance from our side. Any kind of query related to dosage, products’ efficacy, its sustenance, price issues all is answerable to us for your satisfaction.

For patients’ support, we arrange a doctor’s consultation. And of course, it’s free of cost. There you can freely ask about your health-related queries to them.

Abortion Pills Pack: FAQs

When should I take medical help?

If you think you have made an overdose, take medical attention immediately. The symptoms of overdose are a bad cough, seizures, wheezing, fever, itching, chest tightness, blue or grey skin color, signs of infection and swelling in the throat, lips and face. Here fever may increase the temperature of 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit with a bad sore throat and chills. Change in color of sputum, ear or sinus pain, mouth sores and cough may happen.

Signs can also include pain in urinating, bleeding a lot (dripping a pad within an hour), bad dizziness, anal itching or pain and wound that is not healing. Low blood sugar, low blood pressure, upset stomach, and belly pain are also included in them. Feeling very much fatigued and loose stools can happen. Changing in the period with bleeding between cycles, lots of bleeding, spotting, bad muscle pain and rashes can also be seen in such cases.

Can I take other medicines with Mifepristone?

Better you ask your doctor about it. Sometimes other drugs appear not suitable for any certain drug or food. Make it sure with your doctor.

Are there any food restrictions?

Take regular diets which are easily digestible. Alcohol is not permitted with this medicine.

How do I store the kit?

Look carefully about the shelf-life of the medicine. Keep the medicine in a cool dry place.

What is its pregnancy category?

This pills pack is categorized X in the medicine group. Therefore, it has a high-risk factor for the pregnant women. It is evident that it has a human fetal risk and can create serious adverse reactions with fetal abnormalities.

What is the therapeutic classification of this pack?

This drug works in the uterus of the women.


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