Is It Safe To Buy ED Pills From The Internet?

Is it safe to buy ED pills From Internet

In this article, we’ll discuss some potential risks and safety tips to buy ED pills from the internet.


What is ‘’ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION’’ & ‘’PREMATURE EJACULATION’’, probably these are the two most searched words regarding sex in Google? A survey said that men nearing 40 searches these words more often. The reason is understandable because these two common sex problems begin to pop up around this age. However, the question is — are they stopping with just search, the answer—NO. They don’t stop with search and move forward to “buy erectile dysfunction (ED) & premature ejaculation (PE) drugs” online. This is where the problem arises. 

Buy ED Pills Online

Are they really safe to buy online and if they are safe then to how much extent? What are the safety measures to follow before going for them? There are about 22 million websites that fall in line when one tries to buy ED & PE pills that promise safety and quality.

In this situation, it is always better to know the pros and cons of buying sex arousal medicines online. Here we will explain all the things you should consider before buying them so that you and your money aren’t at risk.  

1. Potential Risks

The ED medicines and other sex-related remedies you purchase over the internet are not what they look always. An FDA study discovered that over 1/3rd of “diet supplements” that are being sold online for ED have prescribed medicines including sildenafil, the drug in Viagra. Few ED medicines that were sold on the web had different medical combinations like clomiphene, fertility medicine and metronidazole, an antibiotic. 

Even though medicine had the right drug it could not have been in the right dosage. When samples of Viagra tablets in 100-milligram were purchased online and tested, just 10% were near to the said strength and dose.

When you purchase from an unidentified website, there is always the danger of getting forged medicines. As per a few reports, over half of the total ED drugs that were sold over the internet were counterfeit. Few of these medicines composed ingredients that one wouldn’t even wish to place them in the body—ingredients like paint, talcum powder, and ink.

The FDA cautions of numerous medicines that have possessed substantially harmful compounds and ingredients that are not printed on labels. Amongst them are:

  • Actra-Sx
  • Actra-Rx
  • Energy Max
  • HS Joy of Love
  • Hero
  • Nasutra
  • Shangai Regular, even marketed as Shangai Chaojimengnan
  • True Man
  • Vigor-25
  • Zimaxx
  • Xiadafil VIP tablets (Lots 6K029 and 6K209-SEI only)
  • Super Shangai
  • Blue Steel
  • Naturalë Super Plus
  • Yilishen
  • Adam Free
  • Lady Shangai
  • Liviro3
  • Neophase
  • Shangai Ultra X
  • Erextra
  • Libidus
  • Lycium Barbarum L.
  • NaturalUp
  • Rhino V Max
  • Shangai Ultra
  • Strong Testis
  • V.Max

2. Health Hazards

ED medicines are endorsed by the FDA and they work by enhancing the flow of blood to the penis. Same as other medicines, these medicines come with side effects. If you buy them over websites without any prescription you will not get an opportunity to talk about this with your physician before consuming them. 

ED medications can even be hazardous when you have few complications such as heart diseases. They may work together with the other drugs you have had like blood thinners and few alpha-blockers used to cure prostate and high blood pressure. At times just mixing these drugs with grape juice can even increase side effects. These are the things one needs to discuss with a doctor before actually buying or using them. 

There are also many so-called herbal remedies directed toward sexual dysfunctions. These are sold online. And surprisingly these herbal remedies have substances present in the real ED medicines. These herbal medicines could put one’s health at risk if taken. For instance, if natural ED cure has sildenafil hidden in them then one could get into trouble if taken along with nitrates unknowingly. The combination could let the blood pressure drop and worsen the overall health. 

3. Safety Measures

There are many precautions to be taken before safely buying ED Pills online such as seeking your doctor’s opinion, knowing the real cause behind ED, knowing if the website is real or fake and many other such things. 

ED is the result of many other health complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid, and so on. All these don’t need ED drugs and need treatment for them. Once these are cured ED automatically gets cured. Certain medicines lead to ED. Knowing if you’re taking such medicines can make you perform better without the need for ED drugs. These are all the pre things to be done before actually buying ED medicines online. 

The FDA is doing its best to stop the business of illegal ED websites that sell drugs online. Despite this, there are 100s of websites that are present on the internet selling ED drugs which are unfortunately mostly counterfeit. It is not that all websites are illegal there are also few which are legal. 

Here are a few tips to buy ED drugs safely online. Follow them and you will land up buying original drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. 

3.1. Check to know if the online store is legitimate

Never buy medicines from an online store if there is no means to contact that online pharmacy by calling if the price list looks too real to be factual or in case if you are told you don’t need a prescription. Few illegal online medical stores sell fake versions of original medicines, which could be dangerous and ineffective. In America, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy is the correct organization to say if an online medical store is true, licensed, and sells legitimate products. 

3.2. Ensure you receive appropriate dose and prescription

When medicines are ordered online and when you get them through post ensure they stick to prescription prescribed by the doctor and are exact to the dose suggested. 

3.3. Don’t get fooled into purchasing herbal Viagra

Medicines that claim to be herbal drugs for ED are mostly fake. They are not only ineffective but at times can highly hazardous to health.

  • A trusted online pharmacy always requests a doctor’s prescription and answers your queries. 
  • Buy only drugs that have FDA approval. 
  • Check for labels upon receiving. 
  • All the original websites never ask for banking details.  

Keep the above suggestions in mind before buying ED Pills online so that you are not fooled and in no way causing harm to your health.