7 Benefits Of Birth Control Pills Other Than Preventing Pregnancy

benefits of birth control pills

In this article, we’ll discuss some powerful benefits of birth control pills beyond reducing the chances of unwanted pregnancies.


Most women rely on birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy. There are mainly two types of birth control pills they rely on. The first is combination pill. While majority pills in the strip are active, some pills are inactive. This ensures that a woman can have regular periods every month.

The other category of birth control pills is the mini pills which contain progestin which is similar to the hormone progesterone. In this strip, all the pills are active hormones. Progestin prevents bleeding from occurring. That is why if you wish to have a regular menstrual cycle while on these pills, you need to give a hormone-free window to your body by avoiding the pills for a couple of days.

Benefits Of Birth Control Pills

1. You Can Bleed On Your Own Terms

Many women have heavy bleeding during their monthly periods. Menstrual cycles also bring along with them a number of worries like staining and the need to change sanitary pads at regular intervals. All of this can cause much worry.

Thanks to the different birth control mini pills, now you can bleed on your own terms. This means you can avoid the period when you are not ready for it. You may also choose not to bleed at all. This is a major benefit of such birth control pills.

2. Menstrual Bleeding Is Less Heavy

When you use birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy, it benefits you by reducing the menstrual bleeding. You bleed less heavily when you are on birth control tablets. The common effect of most birth control tablets is to reduce the intensity of bleeding so that women who bleed heavy get much relief with these tablets.

3. It Helps To Get Rid Of Menstrual Acne

Women always want to look pretty. This is the reason why menstrual acne can be so upsetting to some. It is believed that some birth control pills help to reduce or even prevent menstrual acne completely. This means that using birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy can also help you have spotless skin to show your friends. This is one benefit that may cause many women to consider birth control medicines to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

4. It Can Prevent PMS And PMDD

The term PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) is familiar to most women. These are a group of physical and psychological symptoms experienced by women in the days leading to their periods. Some of the symptoms are mood swings, fatigue, food cravings, and lack of concentration.

PMDD ( Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder) shows similar symptoms as PMS but is much more amplified making it difficult for the woman to perform in a regular manner unless provided with medical help.

Birth control medicines are known to prevent both these conditions. It has been observed that women who are taking birth control pills experience lowered PMS symptoms. This can be counted as yet another point for birth control pills on the plus side.

5. Chances Of Anemia Are Greatly Reduced

Anemia is a common condition experienced by many women. It is caused by the reduction of iron content in the body. It causes fatigue and weakness in women. Especially women with heavy bleeding during the periods have higher chances of developing anemia. The birth control medicines are known to reduce the bleeding for women with heavy periods. That is why birth control medicines also reduce the risk of anemia in these women. The medicines can also allow you to skip your periods if needed.

6. Chances Of Developing Ovarian Cysts Are Reduced

In some women, fluid-filled sacs may be formed in the ovaries and these are referred to as ovarian cysts. While these may not cause any particular harm to your health, they are painful. The condition of developing multiple cysts within the ovary is referred to as Poly Cystic Ovary Disorder (PCOD). Since birth control pills work to prevent ovulation, they not just prevent the creation of new cysts in the ovaries but also prevent the growth of the existing cysts in the ovary. This means that women who are suffering from PCOD issues may get some relief with the help of birth control pills.

7. Chances Of Developing Uterine Cancer Are Reduced

There are several types of research being conducted on the ways in which birth control pills may affect a woman’s health. One research reveals that women who have used combination birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy have a 50% lesser chance of developing uterine cancer.

The research also reveals that the protective effects of birth control pills against uterine cancer last up to 20 years after the person has stopped using birth control medicine. Research also reveals that the chances of ovarian cancer are also greatly reduced with the help of these medicines.

Are They Suitable For Everyone?

Since there are so many benefits associated with the use of birth control pills, women may naturally consider this as a great option to stay safe from pregnancy while staying healthy. However, birth control pills may not be equally suitable for everyone. It is important to understand the side effects and negative health effects the pills may have before deciding to use birth control pills.

Here we have listed out some of the risks associated with the use of birth control pills:

  • Birth control pills may increase the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Birth control pills may not be suitable for women with a weak heart as they may alter the circulation patterns.
  • Individuals who have a history of anxiety disorders or depression must consult a doctor before deciding to take birth control pills. This is because birth control pills may increase the chances of depression, mood swings, and anxiety disorders.
  • The effectiveness of birth control pills may not be the same in the case of overweight or obese women. This is because the hormonal changes occurring in overweight or obese women could be different from those occurring in women with normal body weight.
  • Women who are consuming medicines need to consult a doctor before using birth control medicines. Only a doctor can tell you if the birth control pills will cause any drug interactions with the medicines you are already taking.

Take birth control decisions wisely, if possible after consulting a doctor, in order to stay safe and healthy.