7 Types Of Foods To Avoid Before Sex And Why

Foods to Avoid Before Sex

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the worst foods that you should avoid before having sex and appropriate reasons behind their exclusion.


Perfect relationships are the basis of happy lives. It is important to have smooth relationships. Both partners need to be fit and healthy. They should be able to share their best on the bed too.

Only then will satisfaction reign any physical relationship. Foods that you eat impact every aspect of your life. Choose your foods correctly before sex to enjoy a nice intimate time with your partner.

Foods To Avoid Before Sex

Here we have listed out some foods you must strictly avoid before sex. We have also shared our views on why these foods should be avoided. Read along to better your experience on bed. Share your views and suggestion so that we may improve our posts.

1. Choose the Right Beverage

Food choices also mean the choice of beverages. We all drink tea and coffee at regular intervals. When you are going for a date, it is best to avoid coffee and choose tea instead. Caffeine can cause nervousness. It may even trigger stomach health issues like loose motions. Even when you choose to have coffee, go for a coffee with low milk. Choose mild coffee over strong coffee.

You can instead choose green tea. Green tea is healthy and light. It also helps you feel de-stressed and relaxed. It helps you beat the anxiety. You can feel relaxed and confident with your partner during the date.

Strictly avoid strong alcohol during a date. You know how alcohol can affect your senses. Don’t cross your limits during the date. You may instead go for a tequila shot or a wine instead. Make sure you drink within decent limits. This is necessary to give your best during the date.

2. Be Wise with Your Meal

If you are a foodie, this tip maybe difficult to follow. You need to select foods not as per taste but as per their effect. Go for a meal that is light and low on fats. For instance, you may choose pasta with a light sauce instead of a pizza. It will be healthy and light on your stomach. Pizzas are made from wheat and maybe difficult to digest. A pizza with loads of toppings and cheese is going to be difficult to digest. You may become lethargic and won’t be able to put your best during the date.

You may be tempted to eat a fully-filled burrito. Avoid it if you want a fine date. Burritos with all rich dressings can cause acidity and stomach upset. Pick a tortilla with chicken and fish toppings instead. You will get the required nutrition without affecting your stomach health.

3. Be Picky with Your Salads

If you are thinking all vegetables on your salads are safe for a date meal, you are wrong. While salads are the best food choice before a date, you need to be selective. Avoid vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower on your salad bowl. These foods contain a lot of helium. It is not the best food to be on your plate for easy digestion.

4. Lower the Fat Intake

We all love fatty and fried foods. That is one reason why junk is so popular everywhere. Here is one thing to remember. Excessive fats are always bad for health. Greasy fatty foods often cause heartburn. They may also result in gastric distress.

Fats take a lot of time to clear out of your stomach. This is the reason you must choose foods with low fats on your date night. It will prevent digestive health issues that could ruin your date. Make wise choices to make the best first impression.

5. The Right Way to Keep Your Breath Fresh

You may think that chewing on the mint will help to freshen your breath. It may well do that but there are some other things to consider. Sugar-free chewing gums are packed with solicitors.

This is not very easy for the stomach to digest. It is best to avoid this choice and instead simply brush your teeth. You may also consider having a fresh mint tea to freshen your breath. It is a simple and quick way to achieve fresh breath. Mint tea will also help you feel stress-free and relaxed.

6. Don’t Let Foods Sabotage Your Sex Drive

Yes, there are some foods that may actually sabotage your sex drive. Tofu is very popular among men who prefer to eat healthily. One word of caution for you. Tofu is rich in phytoestrogens.

This means excess intake of tofu could affect the oestrogen production in the body. This in turn may ruin your drive and the wonderful time on the bed you were planning with your partner. You need to limit your intake of tofu and soy foods before a date; making it a popular food you should avoid before sex.

7. Limit Your Onion Intake Before a Date

Onions don’t go well on a date. The obvious reason is bad breath. There are some other reasons too why you need to avoid having onions during a date.

Onions may also result in some unpleasant body odors. That is surely not what you want when you go on a date. You may include onions in your diet. There are many benefits associated with onions. They boost the testosterone count in men.

Onions also produce nitric oxide known to improve blood circulation. So, if you manage to get a date who is ok with the odors, you can consider including onions in your meal.

How to Pick a Perfect Date Meal?

Some simple things to keep in mind while selecting the date meal are:

  • Go for foods that are low on saturated fats
  • Avoid foods that are heavy and difficult to digest
  • Avoid dairy products that are difficult to digest
  • Reduce the intake of sugars and fatty foods
  • Avoid intake of alcohol and other intoxicants before a date (and otherwise too)

These tips will help you stay active for the time on the bed. You can impress your mate with a few good additions to your plate.