11 Symptoms of Sexual Frustration That You Must Know

We all are social beings and need to meet the basic need of food, shelter, and sex. While discussing on the latter subject seems like an elephant in the room, but it needs to be addressed nonetheless, especially when sex turns from something pleasant and enjoyable to sexual frustration. So what is it to be frustrated in physical intimacy? Maybe you are not getting things you want out of your partner. Maybe there is a lack of libido between the two. Is there an emotional or other disturbance? Or you have an injury due to which you cannot get intimate at the moment.

The reasons to sexual disappointment could be many, and need due attention. Thus, below we have discussed some of the most common symptoms of sexual frustration.

1. A Rude and Negative Response

If you have been lately rude or inconsiderate towards your partner over simple things, then you may want to rethink about your response. Was it a fight you both had that is causing the tension? Is the source of overreaction external, like problems with friends, family members, or workplace? Or that you could not catch up on personal moments with your significant other? Lack of physical intimacy with your dear one may sometimes lead to frustration and irritation, which may come out in form of negative overreaction.

2. Over dependence on Stimulants and Videos

Sexual impulses can make you addictive to caffeine beverages, alcohol, or any other stimulant. This is a way of the body signalling that you need to vent out the sexual frustration and relax. But rather than having an intimate encounter, you may depend more on stimulants and watch videos about intimate moments between people. This can have a negative effect on your sex life and increase the frustration. Speak to a counselor and a sex therapist in this case, and work a way around to a normal life once again.

3. Excessive Eating and Partying

Just like how over-dependence on stimulants can signal sexual tension, so may excessive eating and partying. You may prefer to drive your attention away from the sordid life and lack of sex by indulging in overeating, especially eating out, bunging on junk food, etc. Or you may prefer a social group to take your attention away from having no one with you in real. So, you may resort to partying more than usual than trying to find someone to spend a few precious moments with.

4. Letting Go the Chances of Getting Laid

At times, you may totally give up on sexual encounters, finding those too pointless. This may harm you and your partner, because you will be just transferring your frustration to your loved one and neglecting them of an intimate moment as well. The frustration in this case can be a result of emotional differences between the two, or trust issues. Or perhaps, you do not enjoy the physical intimacy anymore with the person. If that is so, it is better to open up and speak about the troubles with the person than letting the sexual frustration to build further.

5. Oversensitive About Things

Remember the times when you could take a dark humor just like any other joke without being snappy at others? Or when you could watch your words and rather not scream at your family and partner? A sudden change in behavior and over sensitivity about things happening around you is a symptom of sexual frustration. You may want to check on your feelings and moods, and if there is a need to talk to someone whom you trust, then do so.

6. Lying to Someone to Get Intimate

In order to get into that needy ‘fix’ you may get too desperate and lie to others. The lie is with intent to have them spend intimate time with you, which is quite wrong. However, you may not realize it soon. But when you do, know that it was definitely a sign of sexual frustration. Even if you wish to spend some quality and private time with someone, support it with honesty. Consent with trust works the best for a happy relationship.

7. Being Jealous of Couples

If you feel jealous or angry looking at couples sharing cosy moments, then it is probably a symptom of sexual frustration. You may feel like doing the same things with your beloved, yet that is not possible at the moment for you. One the ways to get over this feeling is to introspect and talk with your own self. Talk it out with self that being jealous of others will not bring a change your end. Rather try hanging out with your partner more often and enjoy such moments with them.

8. Signs of Extreme Sadness

Sexual frustration can stress you out mentally. You may become indifferent to those around you; the ones who care for you will be able to note the difference, even if you do not. If you feel a burden on your chest and sadness that does not go away or you lose interest in regular activities, then it is time to tackle the frustration. Do not let this growing sadness grow on you and make you more depressive. Speak with a counselor if need arises or your partner.

9. Being a Spendthrift and Overly Generous

To get noticed by others or to attract someone, you may do something that is not like you. In other words, you may forget your financial responsibilities and become spendthrift. You may take a person who interests you to shop around, eat out, and do several other activities, but the underlying intention is not to build a meaningful bond, but an interest for intimacy. While many of us could have traveled that route, but going overboard by being spendthrift in a way that it influences your finances negatively, creating a spiral of debts, is harmful. Such sexual frustration must be checked in time to get out of bounds.

10. Wanting to Commit in a Relationship

You may not get as much as intimate time with people and that may provoke you to commit to anyone you meet or anyone who shows a slight interest in you. This will not lead to any long-term benefit, but remain just a fling, and perhaps leave a lot of emotional hurt behind. So if you find yourself committing to someone just because of their physical attractiveness or for the desire of making love to them, then stop right there and retrace your steps back.

11. Messing Around in Someone’s Business

Do you wish to know details of private encounter your friends or colleagues had with their partners? You may ask them frequently to share these private details explicitly. While all this may seem normal, but if this is not the usual you, then it is a signal of the lack of sex life your end. Perhaps, the details interest you because you are not having any intimate encounters yourself. So you may want to engage with someone yourself than probing other for juicy details.

Lastly, Few Things to Consider

Sexual frustration is quite normal. Many of us encounter it. This can happen at any point of life. You may face it during puberty days, or when in a relationship, especially a long-distance one. It can even affect a marriage. Feel sexually deprived is not a taboo. This subject must be explored and people in this state of affairs need to come out in open and talk to the right people. With support from family, friends, and significant others, if necessary even a therapy, everything can be set at the right course of action for a happy life.