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Ruagra Plus

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and related impotency problems that prevent them from satisfying their mates on bed. That is why Ruagra Plus has been introduced to help such males. Read along to know more.

How Male Impotency Affects Relationships?
The relationship between the couples depends on different thinking. Different couples take it with a different type of objectives. Among them, mental bonding and satisfied sexual relationship are two prime reasons. And for the second case, both men and women deserve pleasure and gratification in both mentally and physically with the love-act. But physical difficulties are not a negligible issue. Obesity is one of the reasons for being impotence. A penile organ deformity is another one. Here, erectile dysfunction often comes as a barrier in between those relationships. So, try to command your mental stress and overcome your physical issues to find a complete satisfied relationship. You may have stress in your mind and may have some other mental issues, but a mental preparation and confidence are mostly needed when you are indulging in love making act with your partner.

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How does Ruagra Plus help?
The major contributor to the erectile dysfunction problems in men is the PDE5 enzyme which prevents the proper circulation of blood into the penile region. Sildenafil Citrate fights this effect of the enzyme. The production of cGMP enzyme becomes more with the effect of this medicine which ensures an adequate blood flow through the male reproductive organ. With the muscle relation, an adequate blood reaches there resulting in a hard erection. The pill enables the relaxation of muscles and veins in the penile region and thus ensures a hard erection for a longer duration. The impact of the medicine lasts about 4-6 hours, and with this, couples can indulge themselves to a long time intimate relation.

It is the effectiveness and satisfaction of the buyers that the Ruagra Plus has established itself as an authentic ED medication all over the world. And that is why doctors also rely on it to prescribe the same. Some of the benefits of the drug are given below:

  • This medication generally found in the form of tablets or soft tabs. So, they are very easy to consume. The melting drug easily dissolves in your blood and starts its action very soon.
  • By giving a complete sexual satisfaction, the medication will help you to cure your ED and other related problems.
  • The component Sildenafil Citrate will motivate you in intercourse by relaxing the blood vessels in your penile region.
  • The patient feels sexual desire with the medication. It will give him an active hard-on to reach the climax.
  • As the effect of the medicine lasts more than 6 hours, here you find a solution to treat your erectile dysfunction.

What is the usefulness of the medication?

Though many types of circumstances can be behind the dysfunction issue, Ruagra Plus will provide the following advantages to the struggling men:

  1. By relaxing the blood vessels of the genital region, the pill assures you an active libido.
  2. The drug encourages your sexual desire and motivates you to make love act.
  3. As the effect of the pill says about 5 to 7 hours, it allows in a better way to treat your erectile dysfunction.
  4. As an oral drug, Ruagra Plus reacts much earlier than the other drugs that are found in the market.
  5. In spite of a generic remedy, Ruagra Plus contains the element named Sildenafil Citrate, works similarly as a manufacturer treatment method.
  6. The drug is found in the online market and it is reasonably priced. So, if you need, you can get it at your doorstep.

The medication has a quick absorbing power and retains in your blood as its strength helping you to find a long-lasting erection. It works the same and there is no compromise in its safety standard or quality. The aged patients can also take this medicine according to their dosage prescribed by the doctor.


  1. This medicine is not for any recreational purpose. It is strictly made up for female impotence.
  2. Alcohol and fatty foods are not advisable with the consumption of Ruagra Plus pill.
  3. As it may cause dizziness or a headache, heavy machinery work or strenuous work should not be done after taking it.
  4. Should avoid the other pill with the PDE5 component. Nitrate is also reactive with Sildenafil. So, avoid that type of medicines also.
  5. You must not exceed the dose limit. It may cause heart and nervous disorders.
  6. Keep the medication away out of reach of little ones and teenagers (for it is a female impotence pill).
  7. In a case of any long-lasting unwanted issue, seek your doctor’s advice at once.

Side-effects of Ruagra Plus:

Every single remedy invites some unwanted actions which may be harmful in some cases. Like the other sexual entertainment drugs, Ruagra Plus has also some side-effects. Some of them have listed below:

  1. This kind of medicine used to contain some harmful chemicals. So, some negative effects you may notice in your health.
  2. Digestive problems, nausea, vomiting tendency are very common this case. You can also notice some bowel problems.
  3. If you have an allergic tendency, you may notice skin rashes.
  4. Female impotence pill has a common side-effect of facial flushing. This drug is also not out of it.
  5. Blurred vision and other vision-related problem may appear.
  6. Headache and muscle ache are used to experience by taking Ruagra Plus pill.
  7. Men can experience dizziness and lack of concentration by taking this pill.

While the body gets accustomed to Ruagra Plus if any side effect seems to last too long, stop the dose and inform your doctor about it.

Who is the manufacturer of Ruagra Plus?
RSM Enterprise, Chandigarh, India is the sole manufacturer of the medicine in India. However, the company sells this medicine to the countries of the different locations of the world by getting an order from there.

From where to buy Ruagra Plus 100 mg:
ReliableMedRx is a known retailer of Ruagra Plus and related generic medicines. Buyers can find here both the branded and the generic medicines. So, to order Ruagra Plus from online you need to search a little in the online stores. The online pharmacies used to provide some extra benefits to their customers like free doctor’s consultation, free shipping, and attractive discounts. The online pharmacies are there to provide you Ruagra Plus 100 mg. If you can’t get it at your local stores, don’t think more, order it in the online stores and have it at your home directly.

Dosage of Ruagra Plus:
The medication Ruagra Plus is made up of a few components. Sildenafil Citrate is in the medicine as its active component. But Vitamin B6, B12, Ginseng, Folic Acid are also the ingredients of it. Therefore, besides treating your ED issues, the medicine will also take care for your general health to make you sexually fit for the future. They can also tell you if the pill doesn’t suit you. Men of different age groups find it ideal for use due to treating their erectile dysfunction problem. The medication is found on the market in 100 mg form. Doctors usually prescribe a 100mg dosage for a normal and healthy male. The medication stays in your body for about 4-6 hours, and within this time you can ensure about a satisfied intercourse.  So, in a case of satisfaction, the medicine assures you fully about it.

Is there any prescription needed to buy this pill?
The pill is available at online stores and at a much cheaper rate than the branded pills. Though online purchase will require a doctor’s prescription you can have the pills shipped to your doorstep. This adds to the convenience and makes the purchase of these pills easy. And with the prescription, it is needless to say that it is both safe for the doctors and the patients.

Where can I buy Ruagra Plus over the counter?
Ruagra Plus has the best price in the market and the highest sales volumes as an over the counter drug compared to other pills which are used for treating ED issues. The medication is found as an OTC drug with no need of a medical prescription.

Patients must ponder some points. This medication is made for the treatment of male impotence issues. Therefore, don’t use it for any short time recreational purpose. The pill should be kept safe from women especially those who are pregnant and want to be pregnant. If your partner doesn’t want a baby now, take a proper contraceptive. Keep the pills away from the reach of children. The pill can have damaging effects on children if they consume it. The prescribed dosage of the medicine is one pill per day. Taking an overdose of the medicine can have a damaging impact on the patient. If you think you require altering the dosage, speak to the doctor for the same.

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